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Lebanon is a Middle East country that has been going through turmoil for the last few years. Their problems extend on the economic and the political front.

News About the Lebanon Nightclubs

There are many Lebanon nightclubs and restaurants that are distributed across the country. These facilities provide you with an opportunity to enjoy your vacation.

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With the Internet, it is now very easy to follow the affairs in Lebanon. Before the age of the Internet, it was always hard to find Lebanon news especially for Lebanese people living outside the country.

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One thing that has characterized the modern world is that everything is progressing very fast. There are new events and activities happening all over the world everyday. This is also the case for Middle East including Lebanon.

New Firefox interface to speed up Firefox on Android

According to Lebanon news report, Mozilla is planning to redesign its Firefox interface to speed up Firefox on Android. The company recently has declared it that they are planning to give Firefox app a look which however will use Android’s native user interface widgets to run faster on Android hand sets.

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Undoubtedly it can be said that Arab news is the platform that shares the views with the sites reached out to the people in order to continue its wide reach to the seekers of the news.

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