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Any individual who performs World of Warcraft on a regular basis must absolutely verify out Dugi's Final WoW Manual.

WOW Rogue Leveling & Quest Guide

The world of warcraft Rogue is very unique because of its' incredible ability to enter a fight, do very high DPS and then vanish into the shadows. Despite it's limitations to cloth and leather armor and no healing abilities, the Rogue can do DPS damage like no other class.

WOW Priest Leveling & Quest Guide

Although the priest is the most powerful healer in world of warcraft, healing is just a small part of what the priest is capable of. The Priest usually plays best as part of group. Although the Priest can play solo in basic circumstances, they do not hold up well against large mobs until the higher levels are reached.

WOW Paladin Leveling & Quest Guide

As a Paladin you will have to be able to adapt to these different situations at a moments notice. The Paladin is an expert in melee combat being highly skilled with both swords and maces, but is very limited when it comes to long range attacks. If you prefer playing a hand to hand character like the Paladin you will not need long range attacks anyway so this is not a big deal.

WOW Hunter Leveling & Quest Guide

Hunters in world of warcraft are often the defenders of the group they are with. Being an expert in long range weapons, the Hunter is great at pulling foes towards their team to ambush. As a Hunter part of your responsibilities are to be the early warning system for your party.

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