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Gender (In)Equality in the Market Research Industry

It’s surprising that this question still exists in our society, and yet it does: “why do men still outpace women in the workplace from corporate job positions to income levels?” A recent article in the Huffington Post reported that of the 534 occupations listed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, women earn more than men in exactly seven professions – accounting for only 3 percent of the total workforce. The remaining full-time working women are employed in occupations where they earn less than their male counterparts.

Us companies Research Notes

Who really are the best independent companies out there? In recent years investment research has been produced by banks and investment houses which have conflicting interests between clients as investors and clients as investment targets. This creates problems for large institutional investors. They need independence and more focused investment research. The author argues that buying in independent research will increasingly be the solution to these problems.

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