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TFL and its Impact on Insurance Payments

Most healthcare entities focus on how effectively they can minimize claim denials and work towards better healthcare denial management. ...more

Outsourcing – Is Drop in Revenue a Concern?

Over the past few decades, medical billing outsourcing has brought out a great change in the US healthcare space. ...more

Medical Billing – Are you Competitive Enough?

The healthcare outsourcing domain has witnessed a massive amount of changes in recent times. The HIPAA 5010 platform adoption and the proposed migration from ICD-9 to ICD-10 codes are some of the important changes that revolutionized the domain. These changes had/will have a big impact on the medical billing companies as they have to update everything right from the technology to the rules framework. To be competitive enough in this highly volatile environment, a medical billing company should not only depend on its own abilities, but also get help from offshore medical billing companies. The immediate question that arises in everyone’s mind is – Is my company competitive enough? ...more

Inflated AR

Both Providers and medical billing companies are going through fire and water each day to sustain their place in the healthcare domain. Though they try to sort out several problems and find solutions independently, certain issues still stand out and pose a great challenge. An inflated AR is one among them. It could be to do with proper payment posting else AR will be inflated showing false figure which would become a complex factor in billing. Avoiding the AR inflation is the wisest thing to do rather than handling the Inflated AR. Let’s take a look at the causes and the consequences of an inflated AR, ...more

Patient Payments

One of the key factors that contribute a great deal to a healthcare facility’s proper revenue cycle management is patient payments. Many healthcare facilities and physicians overlook this crucial factor time and again without understanding the fact that it might seriously impact their revenue figures one day. We cannot simply attribute this neglect of patient payments to carelessness, but one must understand that they too have work pressures and administrative complications. To be in fine fettle, it is essential that they seek a medical billing company’s help to post patient payments and clear the AR. And it is important that the medical billing company providing this service should have skilled resource who can handle patient payments in a fruitful way. Let’s see in detail the various categories of patient payments and what complications they create if not documented properly, Categories: ...more

Denial Management – Check on the web or Call?

Denials are a big problem faced by both healthcare facilities and individual physicians. Even though they take concerted efforts on medical claims processing, claims do get denied by the payer for several reasons. Claims can be re-sent to the insurance company but only on learning the status of the denied medical claims. Till recently, physicians and healthcare practices had only the option of making calls to learn for what reason their claims got denied. However, this situation changed with recent technological enhancements in the internet and medical insurance billing domain. Now, checking the status of the denied claims is just a few clicks away! Let’s do a detailed analysis on both traditional and modern ways, ...more

Medical Billing and Outsourcing Services

To provide a hassle-free solution there are a number of outsourcing firms that undertakes the process of medical billing. Global Healthcare Resource is one such firm known in field of business operations and outsourcing solutions for healthcare facilities in the US. ...more

Anesthesia Billing – Unique Requirements

A common myth about Anesthesia Providers is that their work simply involves giving anesthesia to the patient undergoing surgery. In reality, they have more responsibilities like creating a customized anesthesia plan for a patient, monitoring the health status prior to and after giving anesthesia, and more. ...more

Managing the Revenue Cycle

The ultimate goal of medical billing companies is to render exceptional medical billing services to its clients, thereby increasing the revenue generated. ...more

Getting A Cash Advance Payday Loan

What is a cash loan payday loan? The usual meaning of the phrase is that it is a small amount of a short-term credit facility that's initially put up to protect the individuals emergency expenses. Such loan services are usually... ... ...more

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