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Revenue Cycle Management and Electronic Medical Records

If you are looking for medical transcription solutions, Global Healthcare Resource provides you with the best possible and feasible Revenue Cycle management solutions. ...more

Medical Transcription Service for Forensic Psychiatry

Forensic psychiatry is one of the sub-areas of psychiatry, a supplementary science of criminology. It involves interfaces between psychiatry and law. Forensic psychiatrists are eligible to stand in court and give testimony, which facilitates the judicial processes. ...more

Medical Transcription Service for Family Practice

High quality solutions in maintaining medical transcription records related to family practice, enables clinics and institutions to provide the best healthcare services at affordable costs. ...more

We Provide Professional Medical Billing Services To Many Physician Groups

Medical or physician billing is the process of sending invoices or submitting claims to medical insurance companies in order to receive compensation for medical services rendered. These can include diagnostics, tests performed, general office visits, hospital and emergency room visits, examinations, surgery, treatment, or any other service that a doctor or medical professional provides to a patient. ...more

Medical Transcriptionists – Electronic Health Records – Get to Know Them

Medical transcriptionists are those people who listen to recordings made by health care professionals and write them into medical reports and other materials. They normally use a headset to listen to the recordings, and a foot pedal for pausing when required. Medical transcriptionists transcribe the recordings on a word processor or a personal computer, while checking for grammatical errors and clarity. The transcriptionists return the transcribed material to the healthcare professional who dictated to them, for approval or correction. These transcribed documents eventually become part of patients' permanent files. ...more

The Importance of the HITECH Act and HIPAA Compliance

Every professional medical transcription company adheres to HIPAA compliance or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 and the HITECH Act. ...more

Appropriated IT outsourcing services for website Designing

IT outsourcing services are helping a lot to every business who adopt it. Whether it may be website designing company or dealing with development company or may be dealing with other services, outsourcing services provide equivalent benefit to all the fields. ...more

Dragon Naturally Speaking Medical professional 11: What You Should Know

Are you essentially a physician? Are you fed up with wasting cash on needing to hire medical transcriptionists to transcribe your notes for you? Your notes may now be transcribed with more than 90% accuracy with a groundbreaking new software that may transcribe medical language. You can stop worrying about handling transcriptionists as well as other mundane tasks with medical dictation software so that you will have more time to supply good quality care to your patients. While medical transcription software could be costly, it more than makes up for it by freeing up your time, and more importantly, freeing you from stress. ...more

Discover Success with Home Based Medical Transcription

Medical transcription companies should possess tools and resources that can support HL based transmissions which are the underlying foundation for medical transcription. While the process of medical transcription involves transmission of patient records audio files into computer files to preserve the safety of record keeping, HL7 forms the basis of a necessary interface that caters to the availability of critical healthcare information to various types of sources. ...more

Health Transcription Providers: Get Hipaa Compliant Providers

The arrival regarding web has ensured why these companies can end up availed from distant locations. These pros happen to be effectively experienced, efficient, experienced and licensed to manage health-related transcriptions. ...more

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