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Employed in Shanghai, the company's boss's birthday, I was enlist in the army set off to the anniversary of the Shanghai. As a soldier in a sense, the experience has changed my fate, I have been to join the army the day as another renewable. Therefore, this day our common holiday. In fact, since the employed Shanghai company, monster headphones, or more precisely, after an absence of Shanghai 12 years since the return to work in Shanghai, the coincidence will occur one after another. The beginning I always thought it was a coincidence that, until today, I realized that I experienced may not be completely coincidental explained. But this is not is the opportunity? Is not is God? I do not know, I only know that I have been adhered to and to follow his heart and walk.

I love the Monster Beats Headphones

"I prefer to seat your broken bicycle, do not want to seat people's motorcycle." These words, from my first love - Tingting. Some people say that love is unforgettable, and it is not successful, I think this sentence is not false. Conflict whenever I'm not happy, and loved ones, unpleasant things, I always recall these words, monster headphones, always remembered my first love. With increasing age, has entered middle age, could not find this wonderful feeling, this surging passion. I do not know, I always recall this sentence, is it really is an unforgettable love.

promoting discouting activity for Monster Beats Headphones

Monster headphones has been fashionable appearance, known for high quality. Monster brand and other brands are also very different, The monster solo have a very fashion appearance and pop style. If you know the Monster beats studio headphones. You will feel beats solo very similar to the beats stuido.

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