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Five Benefits of Buying New Cars

After years of lackluster figures in the wake of the Great Recession, new car sales are racing ahead. Latest prediction from the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) predicted sales of nearly 17 million new cars and trucks in 2015 - the highest number in nine years! Why are sales suddenly rising again? Here are five simple reasons. 1. They're New Just as life expectancy for human beings has grown, so too has the lifespan of the average automobile. It is no wonder America's auto f

Tips of Buying New Car from Car Dealer

Buying a new car is a dream for many people. That's why a new car is always eagerly acknowledged great excitement not only by the car buyer, but it's really the big surprise for the whole family and car buyer. Buying a first new car is like a dream come true, but it is not an easy task. You have to research to decide which car to buy. Remember, you are buying a vehicle not only reflects your personality but also reflects your choice and also knowledge of a specific brand. Here are some important

Want Not Need

There are several things market analysts take into account when studying the health and virility of the automobile market. One of those elements is surveys, and this year analysts have been able to deduce that the market is rather strong by surveying buyers. These surveys were able to provide information as to the process the buyers take, which more than half were able to research their car in advance then set a price that they felt was sufficient. This basically tells us, first, the

2 Door Coupes

There are so many desirable coupes on the market today, it’s rather difficult to narrow the search down. If I had the room in one article to mention them all, it would be the length of a small book, so this article, I’ll name a few that really stand out to me. One of the best 2-door coupes I’ve seen this year is the Mercedes-Benz SL, weighing in with a 415 hp 5.5L V8. There’s something about the edgy yet comfortab

Sport SUV

This year’s Sport SUV list is rather explosive. We couldn’t ask for a more powerful pack than the Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7, Range Rover Sport, and Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8. First, we’ll start with the Cayenne, starting at $49,600, and with it you receive a V-6 that maintains 14 MPG City / 29 MPG Hwy and 5 passenger capacity The Cayenne’s success can be accounted for in several different ways, first, nearly everyo

How to Buy a Car

What’s your least favorite part of the car buying experience? Is it the hassle of negotiating? Is it the many places you have to go to find the deal you want? Is it the confusing commercials that are always a different deal than they seem to let on? What ever it is about car buying that grinds your grin, don’t let it bother you and see clear through to what you want—what you get with DealerPinch.com. With Dealer Pinch, you select the make and model, choose what you want insi

Family Cars Under $30,000

When it comes to a family car, your car must be four things; spacious, safe, economical and dependable. Seeing as the primary need for a family car is children, it must be safe, and in this selection, safety is a major key, as all the automobiles listed here have reached a score of “Top Safety Rating” on the IIHS (Insurance Institute for Highway Safety). A family car should not only have a collision score that ensures the safety of the occupants, it should also be nimble enough for the dr

Down Payment – What Amount is Ideal for you?

If you make an impulsive decision of applying for an auto loan, you will end up damaging your credit score and your financial stability. Obtaining an auto loan is a process. You will have to research several financial alternatives available to you and devise a plan for making regular payments. Additionally, you will also have to make down payment.

Know the Several Financial Benefits of Utilized Vehicles

Another option would be to purchase from a dealership. This might be a good option because you have more to pick from and you can select in-house or local funding. You may also have the ability to secure a national lender to buy the automobile. Additionally, it offers you more opportunity to secure your purchase. Some companies provide inexpensive guarantees that allow you to come back the vehicle regarding fixes or even additional problems if there is an issue with it.

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