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Preparation for IPO by Company EYE

When company lists its shares on public exchange, it will be able to issue further shares through right issues, by again providing itself with new capital for expansion without incurring any debt. This regular ability allow to raise substantial amounts of capital from the general market, instead of having to seek and negotiate with individual investors, In other words it is a key incentive for many companies seeking to list.

Why go public

The choice on whether or not to list your company's shares on a public market is a serious one. It must be based on an honest and realistic assessment of the company, its management resources, its stage of growth and its potential. And it must be made after full consideration of the other routes by which your business might achieve its goals.

Lally School has Marshall Carter, Chairman of the New York Stock Exchange as Leadership teacher

Drawing upon his career experience of a hostile takeover attempt when he was serving as the as the CEO of State Street Bank, Carter conducted an experiential leadership case study seminar, at the Lally School of Management & Technology challenging

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