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Near Field Communication in iPhone

A recent article published in MainDevice said that there are above 200 million records regarding credit cards in the iTunes database. If Apple includes NFC in its coming iPhone, it will certainly give it a competitive edge as users will find it easier to make purchase through their phones.

NFC Labels in the Medical Field

Personal health monitoring devices record the vital data of a person. These devices can be read using an NFC reader. If you have NFC software in your mobile phone, you can use it to read the medical data by just tapping it to the health device.

Near Field Communication is Making Daily News

With the global acceptance of NFC, there will no longer be a need of Bluetooth to transfer data. Earlier there was Infra-red technology in mobile phones, which was replaced by Bluetooth. Similarly, phones will soon phase out Bluetooth by introducing NFC.

Learn About NFC tags, NFC readers, NFC stickers

In this article we have provided a comprehensive detail about near field communication and devices that are incorporated with NFC.

Challenges for NFC Software

NFC Wireless was established to distribute NFC tags, readers and software to local, corporate and government sectors throughout Australia. Our vision is to revolutionise NFC in Australia across all market segments. We will achieve this by providing the latest and best quality NFC products backed up by a seamless sales and support experience.

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