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5 Habits That Can Wreck Your Sex Life

Love is not just about candle light dinner, surprising gifts or celebrating Valentine’s Day. A successful and satisfying relationship should be happy and healthy as well. It requires respect, communication, plenty of good habits and satisfying sex. Sex always plays a vital role in a relationship. Definition of sex It is very simple. Two consent people get closer and create memorable moments. After a certain period couples who are in relationship since long time often complains about their sex

Healthy Obesity – A contradictive term as no obase is healthy for long time.

A popular idea has been doing the rounds for some time now that as long as a person is otherwise healthy, being obese is okay. Many previous studies have supported this ideology stating that as long as a person has good levels of cholesterol, blood pressure, insulin sensitivity and triglyceride levels, them being obese does not matter. This is the concept called “healthy obesity” and it has become a real thing in the eyes of the people and even some researchers. A new study conducted by

Are You Obese? Don’t you feel discriminated against?

Surveys highlight the horrifying fact that obese people are discriminated against in all walks of life business, personal, professional and social. If you are an eyesore to others, your chances at getting what you are after, are fairly dim. Sad and unfair, but true! Obesity is recognized by the

Quality of sperm determines Fertility

The sperm must be healthy and strong to reach the egg and fertilise. A man’s semen can say a lot about his health. In the past two decades, overall sperm count for men around the world has declined by up to a third. The decline in the sperm count is because of lifestyle factors like consumption of alcohol and tobacco, overweight, lack of sleep and exposure to chemicals in daily life. A slight modification in the lifestyle can bring a lot change in the health of the sperm.

Performance Dysfunction – Is Obesity the Source?

Performance dysfunction can wreak havoc on a man’s mental and physical health. There are a number of potential causes, one of which is excess weight. Men should consider whether this is a causal factor for their condition.

Tips in creating your own Weight Management plan

Obesity rates have grown highly and it has become a great health issue all over the world. With junk food consumption in rise from children to adults, people are not able to isolate eating unhygienic fast foods. Today, people have become aware of these things and looking for dietician who will guide them in having proper healthy lifestyle. If you are one who is looking for stabilizing your health and weight, just look at the tips below which will help you in making your weight management program.

Male Infertility

Male infertility is due to low sperm production, abnormal sperm function or blockages that prevent the delivery of sperm. While many men remain fertile into their 50s and beyond, the proportion of men with sperm disorders increases with age. The decline in male fertility is more gradual for men than women. Lifestyle factors like tobacco, alcohol and caffeine also contributes to reduction in male infertility. As most lifestyle factors can be modified, providing advice and support in making healthy lifestyle changes can promote fertility in men.

Pitfalls of Fad Diets and Weight Loss Drugs – MedCrave Online Publishing

Pitfalls of fad diets and other weight loss strategies Atkins and south beach diets: Let’s start with the very popular Atkins diet which has evolved from a program that encouraged the over-consumption of unhealthy proteins loaded with saturated fat (think bacon and Taylor Ham) to a more balanced regimen of lean protein with controlled portions of fat and healthy carbohydrates.

Obesity , Weight Management &Control –Medcrave Online Publishing

Excess visceral fat deposition in the abdominal cavity is a high risk factor for cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome. The prevalence of obesity has been increasing alarmingly and it has now become a global concern causing severe burden on health care systems, with readily available effective therapies or preventive measures in demand. The

Just What Causes Excessive Weight

The number of overweight as well as over weight people in the United States has actually expanded progressively in recent decades.

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