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Digital marketing: The technique that brings brands to the front line

Digital marketing is a borderline term for a range of techniques that together go into the advertisements of companies. With the rise in the digital world and its constant access from around the world, cyber marketing has reached a point where it is looked up as salvage for companies striving to gain the right kind of exposure among its target audiences. ...more

RealWebMarketing.net: Anti-Marketing Part 2

Greetings hearty galactic marketing traveler! In my article last week I introduced the idea of “anti-Marketing,” and told the story of how anti-Marketing particles have leaked into this universe from an alternate universe, where no one is ever permitted to market anything and everyone is poor. ...more

RealWebMarketing.net: Anti-Marketing Part 1

This substance is called “anti-Marketing.” You may have already seen the signs of these anti-Marketing particles, without even knowing it. I don’t want to alarm you, but I think you have a right to know. ...more

RealWebMarketing.net: Handling Negative Reviews Online

There are quite a few sites now where the public can write a review about your company, if you have a business listing on that site. These include Google Places, Yelp, Merchant Circle, Insider Pages, Manta, and more. Most allow the person to rate their experience with you with 1 through 4 stars or 5 stars. ...more

When to Use Virtual Focus Groups

When are virtual focus groups a good option for doing market research? We can compare them to two other options – surveys and in-person focus groups to get a good idea of the strengths and disadvantages of each option. ...more

Finding a Good Online Marketing Company

As you develop your web sales program, you have your list of priorities. You probably are worried about developing an attractive website. You understand the importance of driving traffic to that website and have developed a strategy for marketing it. ...more

Incorporating Video in Web Design

If you are designing a new website, you have probably already given a lot of thought to what you want it to include. You have developed a comprehensive description of the services and/or products you offer. You have compiled a lot of images, not just relying on text descriptions. You have made sure to collect testimonials from previous customers (haven’t you?) But one element you may not have thought of is video. ...more

The Advantages of Using an Experienced SEO Company

Search engine optimization is now the most popular marketing technique in Internet and business circles. You cannot succeed online without utilizing the various SEO tools. ...more

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