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Method of Investment strategies

Making money safely takes time. The only time to hurry is if you're in trouble. Only because you want to trade doesn't mean you should. Only trade if the probabilities are in your favor, and allow the market come to you. ...more

Technical Analysis or Fundamental Analysis

Every trend line provides a level of support or resistance. Generally speaking, the longer the trend line, the stronger the level of support or resistance it provides. In an up-trend, the trend line (drawn along the bottom of price lows) acts as the level of support, this mainly prevents price from falling under that level. ...more

How to use Candle Charts to Pick Out the New Turning Signals – The Basics

Candlestick charting tools would assist preserve capital: In this changeable environment, capital preservation is just as important as capital accumulation. You will see that the candles shine in helping you preserve capital because they often send out indications that a new high or low may not be supported. ...more