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Cherish your garden throughout the year with Orangeries

The weather conditions prevailing in UK are favorable for gardening and planting. English weather makes it possible to grow some of the rarest plants that are not grown easily at other places. But the weather conditions are not always the same.

Top 5 reasons to have an Orangery

Orangery is a type of Conservatory built to add warmth to the extension and works as a relaxing place in chilling winters. Originally they were built to grow citrus fruits in winters but with time they turned into areas to chill and relax in the warmth and cozy temperature. Now, orangeries can serve many purposes. In this article I will be discussing the top 5 reasons to have an orangery at your home.

History behind Orangery

In ancient times, orangery used to be a building or structure built with a motive to house citrus plants like oranges and lemons. It was similar to a greenhouse or conservatory. The main reason behind building an orangery was to grow delicate citrus plants in winters. In those days, orange tree was the main tree used for propagation; hence these structures were named as orangery and orangeries.

Six Secret Tips to Secure Your Conservatories and Orangeries During 2011 Christmas Against Burglary

Christmas traditionally sees a spike in incidents of domestic burglary. With more than 20 years of experience in designing and building conservatories and orangeries, Crystal Windows & Conservatories would like to share their six secret tips to avoid 2011 Christmas burglaries.

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