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The Codeigniter developer you require could be sitting in India

Website design and development has come a long way away from the earlier times. In the first web development jobs only HTML was in use a language. Then the scripts came into play and later on various other programming languages made their way into website design and development. With the help of these languages more interactive websites can now be designed. This is important from the customer point of view because they can see what they want to see in a website. A Codeigniter developer is now very much in demand in website design and development due to the various advantages that this PHP framework provides. PHP development India is now among the most popular worldwide due to effective implementation of Codeigniter at a very low cost. ...more

Best Frameworks in PHP for ERP Applications

The complex nature of business processes has made it a daunting challenge for developers to build robust ERP application rapidly. With more and more enterprises outsourcing business processes, the ERP application needs to consider the requirements of several distributed teams. ...more

Why PHP 6 for Enterprise Level Web Development?

The development as well as evolution of languages is but very natural and PHP 6 is the representation of the language's development as well as growth. PHP 4 or PHP 5 had nothing fundamentally wrong but with PHP 6 some issues that were plaguing the language have been sorted, making the language a lot more user-friendly. ...more

Your PHP Framework Choice doesn’t Matter

An enterprise has options to choose from several open source and proprietary PHP frameworks according to the nature and needs of the project. Each framework also makes it easier for programmers to build robust applications by using a set of tools that are powerful yet easy-to-use. ...more

PHP App Development Matters the Most

PHP is widely used by developers across the world as a server-side scripting language to build robust websites and web application. At the same time, many programmers also use PHP as a general-purpose programming language. Since its inception in 1995, the language has been installed on millions on websites and web servers. ...more

Lamp Development for Developing Dynamic Websites

Many developers look for innovative open source software to develop dynamic websites at rapid pace. Often developers have to adjust their code to make the internet application compatible with most operating systems, web servers, databases and browsers. But some free and open source software like LAMP enables web developers to avail advantages of several platforms. In fact, the term LAMP is an acronym that represents the first letters of Linux, Apache web server, MySQL, and PHP, Python or Perl. ...more

PHP Web Programming and Business Benefits of PHP Development

PHP is a popular scripting language that evolved from what was called the Personal Home Page by Rasmus Lerdorf. Initially developed as a series of scripts that was used to track visitors to a webpage, it has turned out to be an interpreter on most operating systems and platforms and is considered the most popular language in the field of web development today. ...more

Why You Should Choose PHP for Website Development

For businesses, a well- developed website is of utmost importance, as it guarantees success for an organization in the long run. With the widespread realization of the necessity of developing functional websites, there has also been a rise in the number of languages available for web development. The task of choosing the right language is essential and quite elaborate at the same time. PHP is considered the most beneficial platform for developing websites. Now, it is not without reason that the language is widely preferred as well as used by some of the most talented developers across the world. ...more

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