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Positives of hiring a PHP development company for web development

If you are considering hiring a PHP development farm for your next web application project then you are going to take a good decision. When you out source your application development to a reliable software farm from a well known region like India, you will get a lots of perks during the development process. ...more

Why MySQL with PHP is Comfortable for Development?

As a powerful server-side scripting language, PHP is used widely for creating a variety of rich internet applications. Likewise, MySQL is one of the most popular relational database management systems. ...more

Zend Framework – Is it the best that PHP has till date?

In the present times, having a strong presence on the web is mandatory for every business to be successful in their ventures. In the midst of technological revolution, web development has become very important. The role of internet in enhancing the business prospects cannot be undermined. ...more

PHP Functions – List and Their Usage

PHP comes up with a string of internal or built-in functions which are all used in certain situations to fulfill certain conditions, by simply passing certain values against them. To be frank, the scripting language comes up with nearly 3000 embedded functions. Hence, it is quite impossible to discuss all of them. ...more

Why Are Customers Looking For Zend Certified PHP Engineers?

You will not find any dearth of PHP engineers in the job market. So you can pick up any one of them at random depending upon your requirement or budget. However, if you are to pick the right as well as the best one, this will hardly do any good to your cause. ...more

PHP advantages over other open source language

There can be no best programming language since all the languages have their very own sets of advantages as well as disadvantages. However, when we analyze the pros and cons, it seems that PHP has certain advantages when compared to other open source languages. ...more

Some PHP Frameworks of the Future – A Look into 2014

Nowadays, many PHP developers use frameworks to smoothly complete complex and time-consuming web application development projects. A developer also has option to choose from several commercial and open source PHP frameworks according to specific needs of a project. ...more

Testing Tools for PHP That Developers Should Know About

Developing PHP is surely an important issue. However, that’s not all – you need to conduct extensive tests of the end product to scale its usability as well as efficacy under the most trying situations, stress and strain, before it’s made live, up and running. ...more

PHPStorm – Is It The Best IDE that Programmers Use?

Let us start with the topic – what is PHPStorm? PHPStorm or JetBrains PHPStorm can be defined as a commercial as well as cross platform IDE for PHP that is built on the IntelliJ IDEA platform of JetBrains. ...more

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