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What Needs to Be Considered While Migrating from PHP 4 to PHP 5?

Despite being an open source programming language, PHP is being updated regularly to meet the latest trends in web application development. PHP 5 comes with integrated Zend Engine 2.0. The integration enhances the overall performance and capabilities of PHP. ...more

The Pros and Cons of Zend PHP Certification

Zend PHP Certification is done in two phases – Zend PHP Phase I and Phase II. The phase I of the certification course is basically the foundation course that is designed for providing a sound idea of PHP language to the non-technical or non-programming individuals. ...more

Enterprise Level Web Development – Why PHP6 for It?

As a hugely popular server side scripting language, PHP needs no introduction. Along with being fast, scalable, flexible, open source and easy to learn, PHP also supports both procedural and object oriented programming. ...more

PHP Functions – List and Their Usage

PHP comes up with a string of internal or built-in functions which are all used in certain situations to fulfill certain conditions, by simply passing certain values against them. To be frank, the scripting language comes up with nearly 3000 embedded functions. Hence, it is quite impossible to discuss all of them. ...more

PHP 5.6.0 – Changes in this PHP version

Frankly speaking, it almost certainly goes without much of saying, that in order to make a particular business website interactive, compelling, safe, and secure, PHP is the best bet. This is one language that comes up with a string of specific characteristics. ...more

Getting The Best PHP Website Development

While using PHP we should be tremendously cautious as there are several information provided on the web which have the capacity of misleading the users. The first most vital thing is to want the current version of PHP. via COMPOSER we can deal with a sole project and by using PEAR we can use PHP as a whole. As PHP is the most vibrantly used programming language it is very awfully to grab the basics thoroughly. It is really used in creating a website outfitted with interactive features which will be competent in collecting and storing information. The codes and values of PHP are used to extend websites which are practical and secure. It is very vital to evaluate how the applications developed by a PHP website run in association to supplementary applications. Code safety measures should also be measured so that it becomes impractical for hackers to impose their own security codes. ...more

Why Are Customers Looking For Zend Certified PHP Engineers?

You will not find any dearth of PHP engineers in the job market. So you can pick up any one of them at random depending upon your requirement or budget. However, if you are to pick the right as well as the best one, this will hardly do any good to your cause. ...more

PHP advantages over other open source language

There can be no best programming language since all the languages have their very own sets of advantages as well as disadvantages. However, when we analyze the pros and cons, it seems that PHP has certain advantages when compared to other open source languages. ...more

How powerful is Apigility 1.0 API Builder released by Zend?

The architectures that are based on API have integrated applications for future proofing, and this allows the same API to be utilized across multiple form factors as well as various types of mobile devices. ...more

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