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SWOT Analysis in Project Management

  SWOT Analysis is one of a number of different techniques used by professional project managers to help with decision-making. It is most useful in the planning and risk elements of large, complex projects. SWOT is an acronym of Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats and as these titles suggest it is not purely a method used for controlling areas of planning and risk but it is also used to highlight areas of the project that could be maximised to the benefit of the

Project Planning Essentials

Planning a project, in its very simplest terms, requires putting a series of tasks in the correct order and determining any dependencies between the tasks, in order to reach a desired outcome at the end of the project. In practise things are never quite so straightforward. Very few project plans are simple and straightforward because there are often so many contributing factors to take into account. What exactly are all the tasks that will be required and how long will eac

Does Project Management Have Too Many Rules and Regulations?

  Whilst formal Project Management techniques are recognised as vital to large, complex projects many organisations insist on using recognised methodologies for projects of every shape and size. Is there a case for doing away with the rules and regulations in small, simple projects or is that just the route to failure? Any activity that has already been given the name of "Project" is likely to involve considerable amounts of resources, whether that is time, people, money or

The Importance of Professional Project Management

  Large corporations and government organisations that embark on major projects have for many years been aware of the need to use professional project management methods and tools to oversee and control their activities. But smaller companies are also now starting to appreciate the benefits of undertaking work in a structured and controlled way.   Private companies and government organisations involved in running large projects, or many smaller projects at the sa

Project Management – What’s It All About?

All projects, from the simplest project involving a single team of people working together in the same location, to hugely complex global projects with teams using different skill sets across the globe, will benefit from the tried and tested project management techniques and tools widely available.   Project Management is the planning and management of a range of tasks, particularly where there are complexities either within the tasks or within the teams work

Project Risks and How To Identify Them

  Plenty of information is available about the best ways for a project manager to manage risk within a complex project. How best to communicate those risks to stakeholders and how to mitigate or avoid risks. But what are the best ways of identifying those risks in the first place? All projects are different but the best way of identifying potential risks within a complex project is to call on the experience of past projects within the same field. Even within completely differ

Project Management – The Risks

  In order to deliver successful projects that come in on-budget and on-schedule and meet the needs of the business, it is critical to manage the risks inherent in every project effectively. Managing risks within a project involves identifying and analysing the risks then designing a strategy to deal with the risks.   No project is ever without risks, but it is the nature and complexity of the project that are likely to determine the impact of the risks on the ov

5 Tips for Global Project Success

  When project teams have to work together across different continents, languages and cultures then problems are almost inevitable. Whether the teams are within the same international corporation or from two or more separate companies, the issues that arise are typically the same.   Major corporations regularly embark on global projects that involve teams in diverse geographical locations. There are many reasons for this but the main ones are to utilise the best

Tips On Managing Project So That It Does Not Get Over Budget

If anyone asks what can be called as a perfect delivery, the answer would be under-promised but over-delivered. A good project delivery is considered a hallmark of any successful company. Clients and their expectations are very important and critical for any service company. Instead of fixating on the expenses that a company wills to spend on a project, the businesses should actually pay utter importance to what is expected for delivery. At times projects go over budget. The fact that by going t

Effective Project Planning Leads To Well-Accomplished Goals

Every entrepreneur is always busy undertaking projects. He is always stuck making necessary goals, defining objectives, grouping, tasking, and what not so that he can accomplish a great project. Whatever efforts the entrepreneur or his team puts in helps in getting the results; what you sow, so you reap! Our tasks define the accomplishments. If the businesses do not prioritize their activities, all the efforts shall go in vain. It has been seen especially in novice businesses that the stakeholde

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