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5 giveaways that cost little but draw attention towards your products

For services, promo gifts when a client enlists these services are also a great way to step into that client’s space with other items that he or she might use and have others see.

Branding & Brand Differentiation

The unique meaning of a brand will increase in importance as generic features continue to plague the brand landscape. Awareness as a meaningful market force has long been obsolete

Marketing Exposure from Events!

If you want to interact with consumers in meaningful ways it is important to be creative and entertaining. Events bring together a significant number of participants as well as spectators.

Improve your Office Environment for the Better!

Fortune Cookies with personalised messages and custom printed packaging make an effective promotion tool and are often used for business conferences and tradeshows, holiday gifts, giveaways, corporate promotions and events.

Marketing Exposure from Events!

We’re exposed to roughly 4000 marketing messages a day in an ever increasing variety of media. To stand out and to attract people’s attention your advertising message has to link with their desire or interest and get them to stop and look at it,

Custom promotional item – Can they be cost efficient?

The other way to choose targets is by offering just a few highly costly promotional items and offering them through a sweepstake like format.

How do you make a corporate gifts gift bag?

Preparing a gift basket for a corporate event can be a daunting task, since many products, sometimes of very different natures have to be put in bags together and have to be shipped or offered in a formal type of environment.


Some companies have a policy of giving their staff gifts. Staff gifts are given for excellent performance, service anniversaries, to recognize special occasions like marriage, birth of a child, etc.

Free samples as promo gifts vs. sweepstake gifts

In terms of finding the best outlet to make the most out of the giveaways and out of the promo items it is a question of taking a well informed decision, finding the best way to actually ship a product and actually get it to work.

How to find a company to re-brand your promo items

Especially the companies that deal in services will have a hard time finding products that they can offer as promo items since the entire production will be removed from their control. One way to do it is to order a large batch of products which will remain unbranded and which will be printed, branded and will carry a personal message along with, or instead of the original one.

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