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Space Saving Rackmount Monitors

First let us be clear about the meaning of “Rackmount”. No, it is not a brand name as some might think! Rather it is a specific type of monitor which is available in different brands.

‘Rackmount’ refers to any device or electronic equipment which is so designed that it can fit into a standard sized racks or cabinets, or one rack space. Rack unit is measured in U or RU and describes the height of an electronic equipment to

The Smaller the Better When it Comes to a Portable Computer

Today the trend is to design things which are smaller, sleeker, lighter and yet as effective as bigger versions.  Sleeker phones, compact music systems, slim LED’s and of course the laptops and PC’s.

The nature of work, study or even recreation has gone through an overhaul. Computers have been a key element in this change.  Almost everything is now done on computers, study, work, or play, and everything is possible with jus

The Hidden Benefits of a Rackmount Moniter Keyboard

A  Rackmount keyboard is designed for the purpose that minimizes the use of space as well as the access to the hardware.  One of the ways of doing it is using a rack and the space saving components, such as rackmount keyboard. These units are made of industrial steel and it has a keyboard and mouse or trackball type device housed in a metal frame, this shelf mounts within a cabinet or rock.

A 1U rack keyboard is found in a 1U h

Modern Computer Monitors and their Interesting and Cool Functions

When buying a PC, it is not enough to look at the cost, although it might be all that matters to the budget conscious. Its computer monitor attributes are also essential factors to consider. However, what is a monitor anyway?

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