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10 Reasons to recycle or reuse electronic gadgets

When you upgrade to the latest smartphone model or newest tablet design do you know  what you should do with your old model to be environmentally responsible? If you think it is OK to dispose of it with your household rubbish then you need to think again. Here are some compelling reasons why you should either reuse or recycle any waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) instead.   Minimise the amount of e-waste polluting our

E-waste is an environmental problem

  If you didn't already know that e-waste is a serious and growing environmental problem you only have to look at the EU guidelines that have been imposed to stem the growing e-waste mountains being dumped in landfill but also the 24billion Euros that have been made available by the European Commission and European Investment Bank (EIB) to encourage the development of circular business models to understand the importance of this problem.   And the reason

E-Waste Recycling Kiosks Continue to Catch On

A company based in Bellevue, Washington – Outerwall Inc. has recently marked another milestone in their business venture. Their network of ecoATM kiosks have managed to collect more than 4 million electronic devices including MP3 players, tablets and cell phones. What is even more interesting is that this company issued a report just 6 months ago in which the public was informed that they have surpassed three million collected devices. Outerwall Inc. is using fully automated recycling kiosk

The Influence of Environmental Attitudes and Beliefs on Willingness to Pay

The amount of garbage that people and companies is growing each year. This is quite logical if we look at the number of companies in the world and the number of population. They are increasing and so is the waste. The analysis made by experts can predict the amount of waste that will be produced which allows the authorities to come up with good disposal plans. However, in the recent period there is a type of waste that is growing very fast and this trend cannot be predicted very precisely. Of co

Most Garbage Pickup Companies Provide Weekly Hauling

Ready for a little decluttering? Are you finally ready to de-junk your house once and for all? Whether you're moving, throwing out trash in your basement or want to clear out a rental unit, you'll need to consider where to dispose of the junk you det

Pompano Metal Recycling For Clean Environment

To keep the environment clean one should make sure to get rid of the scrap and making use of it in the best manner. Pompano metal recycling will collect the scrap and will give good value for it and will recycle it in the best manner.

Look For Scrap Metal Buyer In Pompano For Healthy And Clean Environment

To keep the environment clean and healthy one should take initiative of selling the scrap to scrap metal buyer in Pompano so that the scrap is recycled and made use of it in the best way.

How Do Recycling Centers Pompano Contribute To Society?

Many items can be made of aluminium such as wrappers, containers and many more. These can be recycled is an easy way.

Metal Recycling Houston – How Can One Make Money From Scrap Metal?

All the scrap metals found in the garage, household can be recycled.

Why Do We Have To Recycle?

Today all we hear about is how we have to recycle everything so we can save our environment from danger. But is it truly worth the effort? Well, have a look at this statistic: the average plastic shopping bag takes roughly 1,000 years to entirely decay in a land fill site. A thousand years is quite a long time for only one plastic bag. Imagine the number of bags you go through each year, not only shopping bags but bin liners too. When you multiply that amount by the number of people living in our country, it's a large number. A good idea would be to recycle the bag instead of letting it sit in the landfill slowly rotting. A lot of things can be recycled such as shopping bags being used to make clothing and old tires being used in building children's playgrounds. Almost anything can be reused.

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