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Impact of Location Intelligence & Google maps on the present World

Techniques and tools for the transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes i.e., Business Intelligence is no doubt a relief for the businesses but Google maps has transformed this into a more exemplary form, giving advent to Location Intelligence. ...more

Going For The Cricket Asian Cup

I was a sportsman in my heart and soul. As a child I had did sports vigorously and I even hoped to become a professional sports person at some point in my life. I really wanted to play for India at any sport on an international level. My dreams where cut short because of the family problems and I was asked to join into my father's business. ...more

The Class Trip to Duty Free

As the outgoing class of the Faculty of Marketing in Delhi University, we had a special visit planned. Our professors, with special permissions arranged for us to go visit the duty free retail at the Delhi Duty Free shops! It was a unique opportunity for us to observe the working of India's biggest retail store. ...more

Returning From An Off-Site Project

Life in the IT industry is cruel and the work cycle is crazy. You star your day at 8 am in the morning and leave office at 6pm. Work unfortunately doesn't stop there. We return home and we have calls scheduled with the client at 8 or 9pm. ...more

A Stay At The In-Laws

Most of the week I'm in my office busy working hard on my desk. Managing a big internet company is a lot of work and I had no option but to slog very hard. The internet market changes by the minute and you can't take your eyes away from it even for a moment. ...more

Break From The Job

Working as a full time employee comes with a lot of headaches and perks. As attractive the perks maybe it's always very difficult to get the necessary amount of rest and relaxation that one requires. It is one of the simplest things to do but more often than not it is stressful. I have been doing such a job for the past 5 years growing slowly at a rate with wasn't really acceptable to me. ...more

Champions Trophy Live!

Cricket is my life and also my second wife. I can't imagine how to live life without cricket and without watching Sachin live. I had been working for over a year now and I decided to take a much needed break to travel with the Mumbai Indians in this Champions Trophy. I had booked all my tickets and got a massive discount. It was the perfect break for me and I also sorted out my hostel bookings. ...more

Business Tour Comes To An End

My father was born into the royal family of a small state on the edge of Haryana. The region had been my ancestral home and we were the ruling princes of that region. It was a huge blessing for us to live there and grow there. With the abundance of wealth on our side my dad started a venture in oil, technology and media slowly expanding across categories. ...more

The Delhi Trip

My girlfriend and I have been dating for the past 10 years. I was 13 when I asked her out. After saying a yes it was the last day I spent as a single guy. It was as if we were a match made in heaven. Everything was perfect and it was obvious to our parents that we were dating. I was simply bowled over by her beauty, intellect and wit. ...more

Journey to Antarctica

As an avid traveler, I wanted to visit all corners of the world. The progress in social media and digital platforms actually enabled me to travel a lot while making money off my blog and my travel. It was a job I loved, even though it meant staying away from family for long durations of time. I really didn't know what else I could do with my life other than travel. My journey to South America tempted me to extend the journey and go all the way to Antarctica. ...more

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