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Complaint Letter Sample – How Your Complain Letter Looks Matters

Have you ever sent a complaint to a company about poor service you received and had no response? This scenario can be exceedingly frustrating as you ...more

Boost Your Chances of Getting a Dream Job With a Free CV Template

If you really want to get a dream job, you need to develop a wining CV. This can be difficult if you do not know the important things, which should be included in the curriculum vita. As a job seeker, your curriculum vitae is your marketing tool. ...more

Make Use of Free Online CV Examples to Create an Effective CV

Currently, there are many resourceful websites that provide guidance and advice on how to write effective CVs. Apart from offering helpful advice, they also provide examples of CVs as well as excellent templates that one can use while applying for a job. ...more

Take a moment to apply sample cover letter for administrative assistant

Employment of administrative helper will be the one with most difficult levels of competition probably. Discover ways to make a difference and become decided on for it. ...more

Strategy For Thesis Proposal Writing

In order to commence writing the final thesis papers, you are supposed to get through thesis proposal writing first and it is important to learn how to write a thesis proposal. There are some tips to write a thesis proposal. ...more

Practical Tips To Write Literature Review

When you are assigned to write a dissertation, the dissertation literature review is on high importance as it shows how deeply you have researched about your topic. Here you will discover great tips to write literature review with a source to get free example. ...more