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Work Life Balance Can Be Easily Achieved. Here Is How You Can Do It

Work–life balance is a concept including proper balance between work and lifestyle (health, pleasure, leisure, family and spirituality etc.). ...more

Soothing stress relief sounds provide effective solutions to get rid of stress

In the present globalised world there is hardly any human being who does not suffer from stress. ...more

Overview Of The Trivedi Effect Phenomenon

It is blessed to be born as a human being but it can become a curse if we don’t handle our life well. ...more

Managing Stress In Workplace Through Holistic Methods

Mentally you may face insomnia, anxiety, depression and fatigue. Thus stress management is imperative for the health and wellness for life. You can help yourself naturally by taking a spiritual retreat. This can be experienced through The Trivedi Effect® . The energy transmissions are the most complete and holistic way of feeling stress free. It works on the three vital systems, body, mind and soul. ...more

Get Rid Of The Stressed Living With The Trivedi Effect

A stressed soul is the most vulnerable one found in the existence and is never easy dealing with it. ...more

***Autumn Leaves

Life if full of transitions and as this one goes; summer into autumn may not be a highly dramatic Neiman Marcus moment. It may be a more practical down to earth restocking of our shelves and inner selves. What is important here is the attitude you bring to the restocking. If you do it mindfully this seasonal transition provides an opportunity to live life in a more meaningful way with eyes wide open. ...more

Are You Stressed Ward It Off Now

Quality of life can be greatly improved if you learn how to counter stress. Here we share some important tips on stress management. ...more

Safety Consulting for Organizations

Ergonomics is a science the deals with the safety of people when they are at work. It puts people as the first priority. The science takes their capabilities and limitations into account. Its main aim is to ensure that the tasks, equipment, information and the environment suit each worker. ...more

Fighting Stress in Makati City

With the demands of living in the metro, most city dwellers take any chance they can get for a quick weekend getaway, at the beach, the mountains or any place that’s simply surrounded by nature – a total change of scenery. However, this is not often possible, which is why any condominium in Manila tries to offer as much and the best amenities to help residents unwind after a tiring day or week. ...more

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