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Want a Full Season of Fun? Build your Pool NOW!

With everyone so busy these days, it’s hard to think about what tasks need to be done this weekend, never mind in a few months. But you promised your kids a pool last year and waited too long to call Pool Builders to get bids in time to get construction done before the summer. ...more

Kidney Shaped Pools Out – Custom Designed Pools In

The swimming pool industry is one that seemed to get stuck in time. As trends came and went, pool builders basically gave you the same design options that were around since people began construction of swimming pools. ...more

How To Clean And Get ready For Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

If you own a swimming pool area, then you already know that it takes little maintenance along with upkeep to keep it appearing beautiful and gleaming blue. However a lot of us don't frequently think about the fact that your pool area will need some Tender loving care to make it ready for the winter time as well. Making your pool area for cold months is perhaps one of the most essential things you can try to keep the pool cleaner and healthier. It's going to avoid the harm that will occur when winter weather gets here. Next, we'll supply you with some tips for total swimming pool maintenance, as well as ways to get your swimming pool ready for the the winter season closing. ...more

About Termite Treatments

There is no doubt that one of a homeowner’s worst nightmares is the sentence, “you have termites.” Too often, termites go unseen until an infestation is already well underway, and they can cost an exorbitant amount of money to repair their damage. ...more

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Vichy: Diners dine in Style while Swimmers Practiced

Vichy is a thermal / spa city in France (where are the Vichy Water springs) with a splendid swimming pool complex , where the US Olympic Swimming team has trained. ...more

International Standards Of Swimming Pools

About three hundred to four hundred children under the age of five years sink in swimming pools every year in the United States and other three thousand of children are treated in hospital emergency rooms for close to drowning incidents the most of the children drowning in to home swimming pools. ...more

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