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Should Swtor KOTFE Need More Endgame Contents to Allow Players to Level to 65?

While paying efforts to farming swtor credits for the upcoming Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion, players also show much worries on whether there are enough contents for players to level to 65 when Kotfe expansion comes. In this case, some players think Bioware should give rich endgame contents to either allow players level to 65, or attract players to stick around after they consume the new story-driven content.Swtor2credi

Swtor Livestream Showed Companion Features & Many Other Concerns Still Uncovered

The Swtor Pax Prime Make-up Livestream eventually came at the appointed time on August 26. With a brief demo to showcase the general contents in Chapter 3 from Knights of the Fallen Empire, the livestream accompanies with the followed Q&A to highlights the work way of companions, including their combat customization, gear, affection, and introduction of permanent companion Lana Beniko. Nevertheless, there are still many concerns that need to uncover. Details about companions leake

SWTOR 4.0 Companion Forums Q&A: Armor Set Boxes Selling Would Be a Possibility

SWTOR Bioware 4.0 Companion Q&A on forums is still ongoing. After learning some information about companion combat customization, gear, and affection, players can now get more interpretation about how companions will be in Knights of the Fallen Empire. At the mean time, the suggestion about selling companion armor set boxes was also taken into consideration. Swtor2credits.com is the best place to buy 

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It's an incredible year for Star Wars fans. Episode VII: The Force Awakens arrives in cinemas later this year. Star Wars: Battlefront hits PCs and consoles in November. And with our own genre, Knights of the Fallen Empire, the latest expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic, will open from October 27.As always,Sw-tor-credits provide cheapestswtor creditsfo

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As scheduled, Swtor Pax Prime Livestream will replace Seattle Cantina Tour to show gameplay of Fallen Empire expansion on August 26. And recently, the community manager Eric appeared on the official forum, telling that the livestream will reveal some details about the chapter 3 and how new and old companions will work in new expansion. Read on to see what questions you could expect.Swtor2credits.com is the best place to buy Swtor Credits, Swtor2credits.com offers the safe and fast Swtor service,

Arguments popped up about if players should complain to Bioware

Recently, Swtor cartel market has got many contents, such as the recently released Zakuul Knight Armor for KOTFE. After that, Bioware just announced that Zakuul Dropship Mount will be available on cartel market on August 25. Nevertheless, apart from the anticipation of new mount, there are fierce arguments among the community to debate if it is reasonable to complain Bioware for their behavior to avoid KOTFE information.Sw-tor-credits provide cheapest 

How to Maximize the Efficiency of Leveling Process with SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost?

As players are hitting the home stretch prior to the new expansion that launches on October 27, the subscriber bonus of 12x XP is winding down. Following by the SWTOR Epic Story XP Boost on May 5, it is another chance for players to gi

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Star Wars gambling is not new. It has been a popular pastime in the galaxy for millennia. In fact, some areas of the Old Republic allowed gambling and by the time of the Clone Wars, there was a push from Senator Simon Greyshade to legalize it throughout all of the Republic. Gambling had a big effect on Galactic history, as many will recall. For example, Watto lost his slave Anakin Skywalker over a podracing bet and Lando Calrissian won (and later lost) the Millennium Falcon in games of sabaac.As

Zakuul Knight Armor Offered without KOTFE Details, SWTOR Marketing Is Criticized

Zakuul Knight Armor Offered without KOTFE Details, SWTOR Marketing Is Criticized Bioware just released the Zakuul Knight Armor on cartel market on August 18. Players might be happy to collect swtor credits and cartel coins for the new armor, which is likely available for direct purchase in the next few weeks for SWTOR next expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. However, things are not so per

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Swtor expansion Knights of the Follow Empire is coming soon and before it players can get many updates on SWTOR Cartel Market. Have you been ready to collect some items for your upcoming exploration? To help you enjoy the end of summer, Sw-tor-credits is now providing 5% free bonus for swtor credits us and eu buying! Join in us to snap some cheap credits.Sw-tor-credits provide cheapest 

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