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Free Swtor Credits, 50% discount Sale, and More in Swtor2credits 2015 Christmas Promo

Merry Christmas in advance, everyone! To celebrate Christmas with all of you, Swtor2credits will held a series of Christmas Promo to help you buy cheapest swtor credits , including free giveaways, 50% off sale, $80 gift pack, 4x rewards points and up to $20 cash coupons. All activities will launch continuously. Stay tuned and welcome to join in us! 1. 100M free swtor credits giveaway S

Swtor Companion Balance Changes to Be Revealed, Challenging but Not Impossible

Michael Backus has told on Star Wars: The Old Republic site that the dev team has heard with players' feedback with regard to recent changes on companions since the launch of Kotfe. In it, He explained the reasons why changes were made, and told that the alterations ahead to buff healing is aiming at making contents challenging but not impossible. See detailed plan and goals with Swtor2credits.You can buy cheapest 

Bioware Listed Design Goals to Collect Feedbacks of SWTOR Companion Changes

Since Bioware announced to reduce companion damage and healing outputs, heated discussions have been popped up with angry feedbakcs from players who feel that the changes were too harsh to enjoy the game. To solve this problem, Eric published a post to show the design goals related to companions and asked for players’ feedback based on these goals.you can enjoy 10% off discount for swtor credits

Star wars Companion Nerf Makes Gameplay Challengeable or Time-Wasting?

Recently, Bioware just nerfed companions in Swtor by reducing their damage and healing output. The goal is to make kotfe story contents accessible for all players, but the same time, keep companions at a suitable power level. However, with these changes, many players told that Operation and other gameplay are just being Challengeable, or somewhat time-wasting.you can enjoy 10% off discount for swtor credits

Ian Ryan Joints Bioware as Lead Writer of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Ian Ryan, a famous writer on 8 games, including 6 AAA projects and major IPs including Star Wars and Game of Thrones, has announced on his Twitter that he is back to Bioware as the new Lead Writer for Star Wars: The Old Republic. With over 8 years of game-industry experience, this new writer would hopefully bring us more amazing KOTFE contents. See what he had ever done in Swtor, and check out all famous writers Swtor has even enabled.You can buy cheapest 

Swtor2credits Thanksgiving Promo:10% discount for cheap swtor credits buying(11.23-11.30)

Hey, guys, 2015 Thanksgiving Day is approaching even closer, what will you do to thank your friends and families? To appreciate all customers for the long-term support, Swtor2credits is also holding special offer days later. In a limited time, you will enjoy 10% off discount for swtor credits buying on Swtor2credits, one of the most reliable sites to buy swtor credits! How to enjoy 10% disco

Which is Your Favorite Swotr Calendar Event, Rakghoul, Gree or Bounty Week?

With Swtor Rakghoul Resurgence running on Alderaan, it got me thinking. Most of swtor players would hopefully, have ever joined in some calendar event weeks like Bounty Contract Week, Gree and the ongoing Rakghoul, so which one is your favorite? Swtor2credits is sharing some features that players like and the latest calendars for these events. You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best ser

star wars:Eckard Lokin: Rejected – 50 pts, Lokin recruitment

Now with the stretching of Swtor Rakghoul on Alderaan, players can deploy 4 probes in the Rakghoul tunnels to recruit the Doctor Lokin companion. But at the same time, many players have got into trouble for earning points from the hidden Achievements for Lokin. Here are some tips and information about Rejected, There You are, and Revolution that would help you in the process.You can buy cheapest swtor credits

Guide to Recruit Dr.Lokin in Swtor Rakghoul Event Runs Nov 10-17 on Alderaan

Big surprise, the first Rakghoul Event in swtor update 4.0 has run in the game since November 10 and will last to November 17. With this returning, players have a lot of new things to do in Alderaan. You will have a chance to get bunch of new decorations, and be able to recruit the old companions, Dr.Lokin! Check out info about the event and steps to get back your Dr.Lokin.You can buy cheapest swtor credits

Know how to play Swtor and enjoy 8% discount swtor credits on Swtor2credits

The Electronic Arts Reports Q2 FY16 Financial Results were recently released and gave us some important insight to how SWTOR is responding to the Fallen Empire announcement. In fact, it says that subs are up 33% since. Let's take a quick look at the overview.You can buy cheapest swtor credits and enjoy best service on swtor2credits. From the highlights: Star Wars™: The Old Republic™ sub

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