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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy (often referred to be the acronym CBT) is a form of traditional talk therapy that aims to achieve desired behavioral changes by setting goals and keeping the patient’s focus primarily in the present.

Wilderness Program

Wilderness programs such as SUWS of the Carolinas incorporate the majesty and transformative power of the natural world with a highly structured and closely supervised series of therapeutic activities. The result is that an effective therapeutic wilderness program can effect dramatic (and potentially long-lasting) changes in a relatively short period of time

Behavioral Health Therapy | Therapeutic Boarding Schools

For parents who are just beginning to investigate options and opportunities for a struggling adolescent or teenager, the term “behavioral health therapy” may sound like an overly clinical response to a problem that may be resolved with a bit more attention and some stronger discipline.

Family Programs | Therapeutic Boarding Schools

Family programs are an essential component of the therapeutic experience at SUWS of the Carolinas. While the students who enroll with us have individual issues that they need to work on, our family programs provide the ideal opportunity to identify and address issues related to interpersonal relationships, communication, and other family-wide challenges.

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