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The Secrets of the universe

We all know that evolution and the big bang in the universe are the processes through which all of us exist.

Universe and its components – an unsolved mystery

According to some studies it is known that universe was originated billions of years ago. Some question remains still are unanswered despite the invention of science and technology.

Spiritual Salvation: Quench of Unending Thirst

An interesting book launched on spiritual salvation in the market defines the objectives of the people’s life in a philosophical tone.

Questions of Existence : Time and the Universe

You have often heard of the tired saying that we live in a man eat man world. However, just because it is a cliché does not mean it is not true. We live off of each other, one way or another.

Wondering If We Have a Soul?

Often, we come across people who get curious with the unique and difficult questions like do we have a soul? Well, the answer completely depends on one’s beliefs.

On The Web Dictionaries The Universe Of Text

Currently's know-how is contributing a whole lot

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