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Web Programming in Python – Why is it a great choice for small business?

In the matter of web programming, we have several languages to use; some may be easy to learn while some others may not be so. In this scenario it may be difficult to choose the perfect one since each offers a distinctive set of advantages. ...more

Offshore Web Development – Benefits and Challenges

The practice of outsourcing development or maintenance of various projects has become quite a common trend nowadays. This is mainly done so as to cut the cost of development as well as maintenance, as it is seen that offshore technicians or developers charge much lesser than their local counterparts in web development. ...more

Will Perl 6 Become the Next Fad Language?

Perl is a family of dynamic, interpreted and high level programming languages. Perl 6 is the latest addition to the family of languages. At present, the Perl family includes both Perl 5 and Perl 6. However, Perl 6 is not an updated version of Perl 5. ...more

Major Differences between Perl 5 and Perl 6

Perl was originally developed as a general-purpose UNIX scripting language that can be used to facilitate report processing. But Perl, nowadays, represents a family of high-level and dynamic programming languages. Both Perl 5 and Perl 6 belong to this family. ...more

Application Development Company India Offers Diverse Services

Application development company India, offers a wide range of application development like web applications, iPhone application, mobile application, customized windows mobile application, .net application and many more. Let’s see few common basic steps of the development process. ...more

Application Development- Why is Dot Net preferred?

Web developers love to use the computer programming language called Dot Net or .Net. This Microsoft Corporation developed language originally was called next generation windows service. Repeated developments and improvisations have made it an extremely sophisticated language, compatible with any platform or browser. ...more

Developing a Fully Functional Site with DotNetNuke

Despite being developed as a content management system originally, DotNetNuke is hugely popular, nowadays, an open source and Microsoft .NET based web application development framework. It allows developers to build robust and fully functional websites using several basic modules including Login, Blog, Discussion, Announcement, Banners, Links, Documents, Image, XML/XSL or Text/HTML. ...more

Is HTML5 Be The Future of Web Development?

Instead of jumping on to talk about whether HTML5 is shaping up to be the future of web development, let us instead discuss what actually HTML5 is and what its advantages are. Perhaps that will create a perfect backdrop which will make understanding of the topic of this discussion much easier. ...more

Is BigData for Small and Medium Businesses?

Companies need real time information, information which can be good enough for them to come up with customised services for their customers, or else they loose appeal in the market. It is thus important for businesses to gather as well as analyse. ...more

Web App Development services can improve your business

The modern day business environment is a jungle where only the fittest players will survive. If you want to become a brand that is easily recognizable by a large segment of the world’s population traditional methods of achieving maximum exposure for your company no longer apply to the fast paced corporate universe. Nowadays a clear presence in the virtual medium is an absolute must for any self-respecting business but since web design solutions are becoming increasingly accessible and cost effective it’s necessary to take a few extra steps to make you stand up in the crowd. Web Application Developmentservices can accentuate certain areas of your product by creating a simple but effective marketing strategy guaranteed to provide a more suitable method of connecting with your target customers. If you already understand that you need to spend money to make money here are a few aspects to consider in regards to Web App Development options. ...more

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