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How to Word Wedding Invitations

This could look like a overwhelming or agonizing task, but it's actually rather straight forward. These handful of strains essentially just announce who is inviting you to the marriage ceremony. Normally this part of the wording is primarily based cl ...more

Common Wedding invitation mistakes

Learn about the most frequent mistakes made by couples while choosing their wedding invitations. Some great tips for your wedding invitation planning. ...more

Wedding Favor Boxes

When attending a wedding, the best part of the occasion to the guest, other than the cake, food, and drinks is a great parting gift. ...more

When are You Getting Married?

You can let your invited guests know the kind of dress code you would appreciate when they come to your wedding. This is a polite way of letting your guests know beforehand to prepare for your wedding day according to the instructions on the Send Out Cards. ...more

Choosing the Perfect Thank You Cards for the Occasion

The impact of your Thank You Cards will be determined by the design and the message that goes into the card. Since cards are designed to impress, getting a perfect design for your piece will definitely sweep the recipient off his or her feet. ...more


Wedding invitations cards are useful and the first benefit is that it sets the tone of the day. It gives out the idea and impression about the wedding. It helps people begin to understand what to expect in the wedding. ...more

Top ideas for wedding favors

If your wedding party features ensemble of a few close friends, relatives and colleagues then you can always think of greeting them with personalised favours. You can welcome your wedding guests with handmade chocolates, lip balms and soaps. You can even frame the wedding invitation card and the group photo of your wedding party and gift them to your guests as memoirs. ...more

The Importance of Choosing the Best Bridal Wedding Favors for your bridal shower

Picking the best Wedding Favours can be a nightmare at times when it comes to planning a wedding. Your wedding is not a small event which means that it will take time to plan and strategize. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event which makes making it unforgettable a target. The wedding shower is not only about you as the bride to be. Everyone attending the wedding will be looking to experience an event that will be etched in their memories for a long time. ...more

Sending Wedding Invitations Can Be Tiring

After your wedding has happened and you are back out of your honeymoon, it is time to send wedding thank you cards. These could function as last part of a group that takes inside the wedding invitations as well. On this era, it is probable that you will send an easy email, but is that really enough to exhibit your appreciation for many who went to the trouble of attending? Often these people are in the older end with the age scale and so are familiar with getting a thank you card, so you do not want to upset them unnecessarily. A quick note contained in the thank you cards can be usually most welcome. ...more

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