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#Tuesday Tip – My Awesome Protein Smoothie Recipe – Sally Thibault

I am often asked about what I eat to keep  my energy levels high. There are a number of things – but most specifically my husband and I are ‘vege-quarians’… we don’t eat meat, but we do eat wild caught fish. We are also sugar, dairy and wheat free.  Through trial error and ‘intuitive’ eating, I have found that those three foods in particular caused me to feel weighed down, bloated and impact greatly on my energy levels (and my memory!!) But I wanted to share my absolu

Can Alcohol Prevent Weight Loss? – How To Drink Without Gaining Weight

Weight loss have always been a topic of discussion. Everyone wants to eat as much as they can but still look slim and toned. Well things don't work that way and we get disappointed every time we look at the mirror. There is no miracle fruit that will make you less hungry and shrink your chubby ankles in a jiffy. Sure weight loss does occur but that's just a temporary phase and once you are lean you go back to the ol' routine of eating useless junk foods. The result is predictable. So what is

Why We Need Yoga

“Yoga is not an ancient myth buried in oblivion. It is the most valuable inheritance of the present. It is the essential need of today and the culture of tomorrow.” Swami Satyanada Saraswati We see it all around us. People are not well. High rates of depression, anxiety, and sleeplessness are rampant in much of the world. Physical health conditions such as heart attacks and cancer are on the rise. Car accidents related to distracted driving are occurring on a daily basis.

The Correlation Between An Underactive Thyroid And Weight Loss

There are people who regularly work out and strictly follow a low-carb weight loss diet but just can't seem to lose weight. Or, if they do manage to shed a few pounds, it wouldn't even take them a couple of weeks to find out that they just gained them back - or worse, they got even heavier. In such cases, not even a personal trainer can help you out. But most likely, a doctor can. Hypothyroidism, or decreased or underactive thyroid function, is usually associated with an inability to l

Slim 24 Pro whey protien weight loss formula

Now a Day unwanted heavy weight and tummy fat is major issues of all the people. A more weight is very big problem because it serves various kinds of issues like- heart problem, sugar as well as different kind of dieses so each and every people wants to loss heavy weight and fight with tummy fat to successively reduce them if you do daily exercise then it is better But only exercise don’t work for loosing heavy weight. You will do also a daily meal replacement as well as you have required whey

Weight Loss – A Solution for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is also known as ED. It is an inability in men who are unable to achieve and maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. ED is one of the chronic condition faces by men. It is estimated that around 30 million people in the USA are affected by it. There are several things which causes an ED. There is a strong connection between obesity and erectile dysfunction.  Obese men are two times more likely to develop ED as compared to people those of normal weight. Obese people n

The 4 Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight


Isn't it weird how it seems that some people will never gain a pound over their "goal weight" without even thinking about it, but some of us, the more unfortunate, seem to never lose weight although we've taken every course of action possible, we constantly pay attention to our weight and actively try to get slimmer? Well, if you also find yourself in this unfair situation, it's highly probable it's not even your fault. Losing weight DOES NOT have to

Are You Obese? Don’t you feel discriminated against?

Surveys highlight the horrifying fact that obese people are discriminated against in all walks of life business, personal, professional and social. If you are an eyesore to others, your chances at getting what you are after, are fairly dim. Sad and unfair, but true! Obesity is recognized by the

How to loss body weight

With regard to severely chubby individuals who get failed to observe effects via diet plan and also physical exercise alone, weight-loss medical procedures is among the most soundest and quite a few successful means of accomplishing significant weight-loss. In truth, reports have demostrated that will together with diet plan and also physical exercise alone, almost 95% regarding overweight patients may acquire all of the dropped weight rear in 5 decades. In contrast, long-term accomplishment pri

9 Ways to Burn Fat Fast

Are you someone who is interested in making sure that you look slim and svelte for your next big event, or do you just find that you want to lose a few pounds? The real fact of the matter is that losing weight is easy. There are a number of things that you need to remember when you want to lose weight. Remember that you do not need to go crazy; all you have to do is to keep these tips in mind! 1. Smaller meals: One issue that people run into is that they wait too long betw

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