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Benefits of a Gold Mens Watch

Sometimes it can be hard to find a great gold mens watch.  There are several aspects to weigh in on and to look out for.  All of the proper information is not always out there. One question that is often asked is: which gold mens watch to get?  Then after answering that question you may ask what are the benefits of a gold mens watch? It Looks Amazing While an everyday gold mens watch can take a number of different forms,

Side Effects of Invokana

Invokana is the brand name for a drug called canagliflozin which is made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals which is part of Johnson and Johnson. This drug is used for type 2 diabetics to help prevent kidney damage, nerve damage and manage insulin levels. This drug is new to the market, having only been approved by the FDA in 2013. 450 cases of renal toxicity were reported to the Institute for Safe Medication Practices in just the first year it was on the market. These side effects included urinary t

Women pose in lingerie to reclaim the word ‘fat’

A photographer has teamed up with a group of plus-size women in order to reclaim the word "fat" and remove the negative stigmas that are currently connected with it. Brazilian-based photographer Mariana Godoy's new body-confident picture series Empoderarte Me, which translates to Empowering Me, sees several curvy women baring their bodies as they pose up in their underwear in order to show the world that they aren't afraid to embrace "fat" and everything that it means. "I chose lingerie be

Women Who Took Xarelto During Pregnancy

Xarelto is the marketed name of a drug called rivaroxaban which has caused birth defects when taken during pregnancy or while breast feeding. Xarelto is an anticoagulant which is designed to thin the blood but the danger with this drug is that there is no antidote to stop bleeding. This can cause internal hemorrhaging and fatal complications. This drug can also cause embryofetal toxicity. This drug should not be taken during breast feeding or pregnancy and unfortunately the manufacturer is ma

Birth Defects from Prozac

Serious birth defects have been linked to the antidepressant drug Prozac. This drug is given to women for bulimia and obsessive compulsive disorder as well. The drug is made by Janssen Pharmaceuticals which is owned by one of the biggest drug companies in the world Johnson and Johnson. Many women are not aware that their babies birth defects may have been caused by the medication because both them and their doctors were not warned of the serious birth defects they were at risk for when taking th

Women Who Took Wellbutrin During Pregnancy

Studies have now found that fetuses exposed to Wellbutrin are more than twice as likely to develop heart defects. Many women are not aware that antidepressants have been linked to a higher rate of spontaneous miscarriages. One of these antidepressants is called Wellbutrin. The main active ingredient in Wellbutrin is called bupropion. There are actually few antidepressants that have been proved to be safe for women during pregnancy and many of them still have inadequate testing. While it can b

Hillary Rodham Clinton owns the joke about her fashion choices

Hillary Rodham Clinton, candidate for US president, has been making jokes about fashion. They have not exactly been rib-cracking laugh lines, but they have been knowing, droll, even a bit silly. But mostly, they have not been defensive. Instead, Clinton has gone on the offensive by finding humour in her fashion foibles and beauty regimen. Sometimes she takes up the shtick of her critics and makes it her own. Or she recognises the joke and tells it before others have the chance. She long ago f

5 Myths About Women

Do you think, you know women as well as have known the multiplication table in fifth grade? So many shocking discoveries await you in this article exposing male overconfidence!

How to Find Out What Is the Character of Your Lady

Actions, words - it's certainly important. But the body of your beloved woman can tell you a lot. Posture, facial expressions are also part of her portrait. Curious science physiognomy can tell a lot about a person based on nose shape and form of lips she has, and most importantly - color of the eyes.

Detrimental Caretaking

It is crucial that women learn to love themselves first in order to be able to love those around them without losing herself. Join one of Swan Transformation’s Transformational Retreats and discover your true potential. Our team of experienced staff and helpful advisers will guide you in discovering your inner self and the person that you can be if you let go of all the pressure and anxiety of life.

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