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Take Care of Your Sagging Neck with a Neck Lift

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There is never a specific age to look good. The urge to look fresh, appealing and nice is a rightful desire in every age and people go to extremes to hide tell-a-tale signs of aging.  From using extensive makeup to wearing camouflaging gear, everything is tried to counter the depressing effects of aging. The main impact of the ageing process is seen on eyes and skin. The loose skin of the face and neck is the worst culprit of revealing age and at times speaks more than the truth. In various instances of swift fat loss, the skin sags even in young age, and the person ends up looking quite a lot older than theirage.

Today with neck lift surgery, you can effectively take care of the sagging skin around your neck. Neck lift or platysmaplastyis usually performed as a part of the face-lift, but can be performed as a standalone operation as well. It is performed to tighten the skin along with the underlying muscles to lift the neck, as well as sharpen the jaw line contour. This form of surgery is considered the best solution for sagging and loose skin under the chin, vertical bands appearing in the neck, and ‘turkey wattles’ where a necklooks very heavy.

Who can get it done?

Sagging of the skin is usually caused due to the aging process. But in a few instances skin becomes loose due to sudden and significant weight loss. At times hereditary factors also contribute towards it. In all these instances, people suffer from sagging or wrinkling of the nose, and in a few extreme cases the differentiation between chin and jaw is lost. People experiencing such problems can really benefit from this form of surgery. But an important pre requisite is good health and a reasonable expectation from the procedure.

The neck lift can be performed through several modes. It could be a simple Botox injection, fat removal by neck liposuction or detailed neck lift procedure or platysmaplasty.

Plastic surgery has indeed open new doorsfor people who were depressed with the way aging had transformed their appearance. Besides neck lifts, there are several other procedures which can help people who desire to change their appearance in any other way.such as corrective surgery for the eyelids (called Blepharoplasty). Most of the clinics offering such services have very informative websites which not only provide information about the cosmetic procedure, but can also help in getting an initial consultation.

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  • Posted On July 17, 2012
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