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Take Control Of Your Shed

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Steel shedsMany customers opt for the complete package – shed + construction. It’s easy, you can see what you are getting and for those with few if any building skills, it’s the only way to go. But if your budget is tight or if you like to take control of projects or can rope in a friend or neighbour who knows what they’re doing, then building your own steel shed is a definite possibility.

Think of the money situation. If all you buy are the plans and the raw materials, all the labour costs are removed from your bottom line. We are talking some serious change here. The finished product of course must be just what you want but with your own labour you will have the right steel shed at the right low price.

Then there are the sheds which come in kit form. There is a plan of sorts but this is simply to help you put the pieces together. This is a type of large jigsaw where you don’t need to worry about the parts but rather about putting parts together in the correct way. With some basic building skills and a lot of common sense, you can quickly put your new storage shed together and save some serious money.

Always Ask the Trader

Every reputable trader wants your shed to be a success. The more successful a client becomes, the better word of mouth promotion there is around the traps and the more success is likely to come the way of the trader. So as a customer or potential customer, ask questions.

Remember you are dealing with a professional here. You are dealing with people who make their living designing, building and selling steel buildings. They know the type of shed which will best suit your needs and why. They know the cost saving if you do it yourself. They know the pitfalls in building from a plan or by using a kit.

Even the location of your shed is important. It could be to do with the weather, council by-laws or the ease of access you require. Have a rough sketch of your property with the dimensions clearly labelled. Have a definite reason as to why you want a steel shed. Know your requirements.

Remember too the speed of erection. You don’t want to wait six months for your shed to be ready for use. Deal with a reputable trader and because you have all the right steps listed with your plan, you’ll get the best advice, the best price and the quickest construction possible.

Wide Span Sheds has a large range of premium quality steel buildings available in kit form. So whether you are looking for a Shed and Steel Sheds, kit home, carport or fencing, contact Wide Span Sheds can help. Call us on 1300 94 33 77 or visit


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  • Posted On July 21, 2012
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