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Take the help of your diversified needs from All Pumps Supplies

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We have commonly heard about the use of pumps in pulling water from deep down the earth in nurturing our regular earthly activities. This may range from irrigating agricultural fields to supplying water for emergency fire or for supplying the residents of a large multi-storied. However in the industrial sector also, there is a requirement of a large number of pumps for handling various types of chemicals and for other purposes. From chemical factories to mining and in the petroleum and other sectors, there is a requirement of a variety of pumps for various purposes. Though they are used for a variety of purposes, but their proper maintenance is of prime importance. Regular servicing of these complex machines will give uninterrupted service, including handling of critical emergency situations.

Among the crowded sphere of chemical pumps and manufactures, one names shines out the rest with their quality products and reliable service is none other than, Global pumps. They manufacture a whole range of pumps, used for a variety of purposes like in hydraulic or mechanical services. Pumps are required by not only the industry but also in government and municipal sectors. Some of the important sectors, where pumps are required, include

  • Food & Beverage
  • Chemical
  • Mining sectors
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Paints. Packaging and printing
  • Wastewater & normal water
  • Civil & Plumbing

Apart from the above there are many more sectors, where pumps of various shapes and sizes and capacity are required. They are one of the most important mechanical devices in helping to sort out various types of problems related to flooding and in increasing industrial production. chemical pumps provide a variety of pumps in the industrial and civic and municipal sectors. Their mining pumps are almost second to none, offering a complete range with a diversified price range. From slurry pumps, centrifugal pumps, hose pumps and many more of these complicated mechanical devices are required for the extraction of minerals. During the process of extraction a variety of fluids needs to be added as well as subtracted or transferred. This requires the installation of good quality heavy duty pumps, for carrying out this activity in a smooth process.

As far as the chemical industry is concerned, there is the requirement of a number of different types of pumps. This range consists of,

  • Drum pumps for pumping chemicals
  • Mag drive pumps for dangerous chemicals
  • Air operated diaphragm pumps, like lobe and centrifugal pumps

Then there is the use of various types of sub-mersible pumps in both single and twin types. These are generally required at the pumping stations for a variety of purposes. The products of all pumps supplies are known to provide quality products at a reasonable price. Their introduction has helped in augmenting production from a variety of industries and this without putting any extra pressure on their balance sheet. Their brands have made a sizeable presence with their quality products and high service life. Annual maintenance contacts are a part of their robust sales strategy and this eventually helps them to maintain a loyal customer base.


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