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Test-driving a family saloon

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For a few years I have been dreaming about a new family saloon that could handle the snow and be fast on the tarmac. I have found it very hard to find the right match. The car is either or but never both. I have seen many ads and TV shows that go around test-driving these perfect sport family saloons on snowy roads and hills of Los Angeles. When I drive these cars here in Finland around the year, I can’t help but to wonder that where is the perfect feeling they tell you that you will get from the driving?


Tyres have a massive effect on driving these family saloons during wintertime. I have test driven a few options that had horrible tyres on them and that sealed the deal for me even though I realized that it was due to the bad tyres. The sales guy did naturally nothing about the tyres (in Finnish: renkaat) so it’s still there and come summer I bet it will be soon gone.

Test driving and thinking about getting a new car is always exciting. It is almost like love in the air when you are walking to a car dealer and you know that you might walk out from there with a car. You can test drive different cars and you can really feel them. However, my test-driving almost always ends up in the same result. I want a bit fancier, a bit bigger and a bit faster and then I end up having a car on a test drive that is just a bit too expensive. Car dealers are always the same when it comes to choosing the car, they will wind you up so that you feel like you need to get the bigger and faster version. When you’re test-driving the car, you realize that you necessarily don’t need to get more power but more grip would do the trick. Tyres are the way of getting the grip you need. When you have the right set of tyres they will get you the extra mile when it comes to the consumption as well.


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  • Posted On April 11, 2012
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