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Test out your suit to wear what kind of wedding dresses

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1, following the wedding is free, you will choose what form?

Altitude wedding (wedding) both jumped out carrying a parachute from a height (3 points)

Beach wedding (standing on the sea, surrounded with roses, heart-shaped inside oath) (1 points)

Traditional wedding (hotel put the wedding banquet banquet guests) (2 points)

2, if you at the wedding to be heterosexual public kiss, how would you do?

Must seek the views of the groom (2 points)

Politely refused (1 points)

Let him openly pro (3 points)

3, You hope that their future child looks how it?

The prettier the better (3 points)

As she and her husband like (2 points)

Do not be too nice as long as cute like (1 points)

4, belongs to you and his wedding day, you will choose what kind of played it?

The traditional red carpet way (1 points)

Hide and seek ways to find (2 points)

Surprise pop out to scare everyone hop (3 points)

5, Sudden loss of power if the wedding process, how would you do?

Until the end of the wedding are depressed mood (1 points)

And we joked, active atmosphere (3 points)

Quietly waiting for the call (2 points)

6, if you can themselves selected the place of the wedding, you will wedding where is it?

Masquerade party held in the Disto (3 points)

Western-style wedding (2 points) held in the church

Outdoor wedding held in the Botanical Gardens or resort (1 points)

7, If you find a friend fell asleep at the wedding, how would you do it?

A slap to wake him (3 points)

Ignore him (1 point)

Let other people to wake him up (2 points)

8, Do you like what style of wedding ceremony?

Formal type (1 point)

Funny type (3 points)

Handsome type (2 points)

9, do you think your best man maid of honor should be how are we doing?

Hotties (3 points)

A close friend of both (2 points)

Listen to the parents of the arrangement type (1 points)

10, if two people think that the wedding is a waste of money, what would you choose replacement program?

Determined to hold the wedding or not to marry (2 points)

Give you a certain amount of money (3 points)

Only to please the two parents and a few friends for a meal (1 points)

Type A: Dawn generally the bride’s white silk. (Score ≦ 14 points)

Match the wedding: white silk. Match jewelry: pink pearl jewelry set.

Can highlight your sense of pure white, because you do not is not suitable for heavy make-up, only the pure white dress and a touch of makeup worthy of your temperament yo! Whether now or in the future, his face exudes a childlike pure atmosphere, always giving a want to protect you and care how you feel. The world’s most understanding of your accompany you with to wear the wedding dress, you are the most loved baby, he is willing to really care for his life Oh!

Type B: blue yarn aloof reserved bride. (15 points ≧ scores ≦ 18 points)

Match wedding: blue yarn. Match jewelry: simple diamond jewelry set.

You are a girl, quite melancholy atmosphere point of view according to your personality, the only representative of the aloof and reserved the blue yarn married to the most with you! You may very worried about the future life, you are really afraid of their marriage will be the tomb of love, two people may be reluctant to go farther and farther, and finally split apart Oh! I suggest you think carefully before marriage, or talk about it, and he say that all concerns open to each other as commitments in order to slow down the speed of love fire cool!

Type C: full of vitality orange yarn bride. (19 points ≧ score ≦ 21 points)

Match wedding: orange yarn. Match jewelry: colorful glass jewelry set.

Full of vitality you the most suitable filled with warm orange wedding, orange is a symbol of hope and vitality, just as you look forward to married life will not become dull due to the chores of daily tasks; either now or in the future , With a love like your heart is always OK, but you are still a very understand the taste of life, you know how to move forward, but also know how to operate the easy life of two people, orange is you and him lucky color!



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