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The 4 benefits of all on 4 Mexico treatment

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People who have lost their teeth completely or partially are known as edentulous patients. There are also people who are soon to be edentulous. In both the cases, there is a lot of issues that someone faces. The lack of teeth is a definite inconvenience because eating becomes a challenge. The other important aspect of being edentulous is that one loses their self-esteem. Someone with no teeth finds it hard to open their mouth – an ever smiling person can suddenly become serious and this is not good for them. With all on 4 Mexico treatment, this issue can be completely taken care of. All on four Mexico treatments are carried out by some of the best dental clinics in Mexico where the patient is under the able care of a qualified and professional dentist.

The all on 4 Mexico treatment is similar to what is carried out in the rest of the world. Mexico has become a dental tourism hotspot and it is not just because of the lower cost, but also because of the quality of treatment one gets here. If you need to go through this form of treatment, all on four Mexico is an option that you should seriously consider. Consider the benefits given below and you should be convinced.

With the all on 4 Mexico treatment, edentulous and those who are soon to be edentulous patients get a fixed fully arched prosthesis on four implants on a single day of surgery. The treatment is highly successful and leads to patient satisfaction and builds self-esteem.

The all on four Mexico treatment takes shorter time and is conducted with less complexity. The number of surgeries required is less and this reduces the overall time for treatment. Because posterior implant tilting is conducted in this procedure, there is no need for time consuming bone grafting procedures. The loading is also immediate and this reduces the time to teeth.

Compared with the conventional implant procedures, the all on 4 Mexico treatment procedure is least costly.

Because the two posterior implants are tilted, the dentist can use longer implants. The bone-to-implant contact through all on four Mexico treatment is increased as a result and vertical bone augmentation can be avoided. The tilted implants can be anchored in the anterior bone, which is more stable. The cantilevers are reduced and important anatomical structures need not be tampered with. Even if a patient has minimum bone volume, they get complete stability.

You can obviously get your all on four done in an American dental clinic and the chances of success are high. But the same can be said when you go through your all on 4 Mexico treatment. We are not talking about the mom-and-pop dental clinics that you find in Mexico, but the established ones. Cancun is one of the best places for you to be when you need all on four Mexico treatment. There are some fantastic dental clinics here that are more than capable of treating you in the best possible manner.

Resource Box: The all on 4 Mexico treatment is meant for people who are edentulous or those who are soon going to be. Qualified dentists carry out all on four Mexico treatments for patients from around the world.


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