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The advantages and the disadvantages of promoting the wildlife tours in India

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The advantages and the disadvantages of promoting the wildlife tours in India

Wildlife tourism or an exploration into the adventuresome wildlife is getting popular all-round the world today hence preserving the greenery and the living creatures in it has become the significant part of Eco friendly tourism. As a part of promoting Eco-friendly tourism, Indian government is making people aware of the pros and cons of wildlife tours.

The homeland of India is blessed with a large area of forest cover. It offers numerous options for the one who likes to take an adventurous wild life tour .Travelling so close to the ecological wildlife zones those protect the rare specious of animals is now preferred by all adventurous Indian voyagers.  Number of accidents occurred in which the human beings besides the animals were harmed and in order to prevent these types of incidents in the future, the department of tourism in India is rethinking their ways of promoting the wildlife tours. How to enjoy the treasures of nature without harming the living beings has become the new theme of promoting Eco friendly adventurous tours anywhere in the world. In a recent travel conference held in Saudi Arabia, The Indian Tourism Board showed its strong presence by providing details about fascinations, accommodation, services, and transportation facilities available in India for the travellers while they embark on India tour. The event played a great part in promoting the wildlife tours in India. The real aim of Indian Tourism Board was to highlight the positive impact of wildlife tourism to the inhabitants along with the travellers in India.  The Eco-tourism and adventure travels were other focal topics in this conference.

The revenue of the state or the country will obviously increase if the authorities highlight the wildlife tours. Another advantage is the popularity the place gains when it will be frequented by the travellers.  The best instance to the point is the State of Gujarat in India. Initially the fame of Gujarat  rests in the presence of pristine oceans, and now after the promotion of wildlife tours it is also identified as a perfect place to watch different specious of birds.  Before promoting the natural treasures of a place, the authorities should arrange the basic facilities such as accommodation, transportation and food for the proper staying of the voyagers, otherwise promoting wildlife can cause a negative effect. India is rich in forest resources; still the Eco tourism and adventurous travels in many places of India are less popular for these places lack safety measures and travel facilities. The lack of safety features can cause adverse effect in promoting tourism and it will cause a huge loss of money used for promoting wildlife tourism.  The adventurous Indian travellers who like to carry out trekking in the forests should rethink about the travel options for preserving and enjoying these creatures forever.

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