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The antenna of cell phone jammer can be used with the patch antenna

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As the communications market is highly competitive, some unscrupulous manufacturers to attract consumers with low prices, they even made the original battery substitution into the battery, the average consumer it is difficult to distinguish the authenticity. Therefore, the purchase of mobile phone batteries secret chapter is: do we buy cell phone batteries should be very careful. Because the battery market, many of which are foreign-made cell phones of various brands affixed the label sold, and then as the imported goods in the sale. So often people think that buy their imported batteries, but they found time to buy a new battery standby time than buy a mobile phone attached to the battery longer. There was such a case, someone obviously buy original lithium battery imports, shorter than the original battery standby time 7-8 hours. The good Wireless Tap Detector SHN018   workshop has the skilled technical commission personnel.
Go back and find stores theory, the store gives a very irresponsible answer, with a bunch of jargon perfunctory. For example, excessive use of cell phone battery, charging is not correct, the phone too far away from the launch pad and so on. Although these will affect electricity consumption. It can securely store a user private information, and perform encryption algorithm. SIM card and USIM cards are tamper-resistant smart cards to ensure that private data networks and security. Encryption algorithm provides an authentication mechanism, and only after the authentication service to obtain network resources and enjoy Internet services. However, USIM card features a variety of other far more than that. USIM and SIM card has the same physical characteristics. It must support a minimum of network applications on the USIM card. The difference is that in the 3G system, a user’s USIM card can have one or more sets of information (like number two, as a card); and, for a particular card information secure air management can be implemented. The power supply switch of  cell phone jammer should be at the on position at this time.
These are only just beginning. In the telecommunications field, more choice of function is certainly a smart card in the future. For example: the current USIM USIM card has been achieved on the card can be one or more network applications and e-purse, EMV (the Europay, MasterCard and Visa jointly launched the electronic wallet IC card standard) and other applications at the same time, when the 3G phone support more than one smart card slot. safe to download, configure the new features, and supports encryption mechanism and safety programs; different applications share the same file; from the core in terms of security, USIM card will use smart cards can have all the the highest security measures. The most important feature is the introduction of 3G UMTS support a variety of communication systems, this concept allows USIM card can be used in different network systems can also achieve a variety of applications. As a result, different network systems and resources to share with a smart card. It is the military cell phone jammer  for military applications.


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