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The ball mill in China will be beaten road

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The ball mill in China will be beaten road_Ivylm522Ball mill ball diameter semi-theoretical formula prosperous interpretation Ball mill ball diameter semi-theoretical formula prosperous interpretation of the limitations of existing ball diameter empirical formula.The error is also large.The ball mill used in our country, and some also not very convenient, it is necessary to find a ball diameter formula suitable for China.As mentioned earlier.Is currently impossible to produce pure formula, to find a theoretical formula of the framework and some empirical parameters to fill the semi-theoretical formula is entirely possible.With engineering survey learned that anti-Glass bad performance of the rock and mineral residue generation of rock and mineral crushing.In other words, how much ball mill ore Jaw Crusher blocks or mineral particles need to combat the destructive power is calculated.Months ago.The ball mill plant the ball off the state kinematics is studied more thoroughly.

How much the ball down with how much energy can be calculated.Therefore, by the rock and mineral blocks broken broken ask force to select the ball size is theoretically possible.While a few are scientific.The ball mill described in detail ball mill below how to select ball size rock and mineral anti-destruction performance.The specific derivation of the semi-theoretical formula of the ball diameter.And other theoretical formula of a Allows the assumptions: ball mill by f ball into the falling movement mechanics to a more thorough 11 E Mountain Davis and Levine loose theory can provide a mathematical method of calculating ball movement, so the Rotary Kiln ball take Van off the movement to study ; ball mill in order to count the poor convenience, take the broken ore blocks or mineral particles are spherical.To represent the size of the ore or mineral particles with a diameter d: The rock and minerals are some brittle under impact, the destruction of the ore block for the brittle fracture stress and strain is proportional to the.(1) nugget or mine pull pressure or uniaxial stress state was affected by the impact.The formation of the rupture surface pressure parallel to the direction and over the center of the sphere. Uniform (3) Rock and Mineral Analysis of the mechanical properties as can be the ultimate strength of the force area to calculate the required destructive;

ball mill ball crusher nugget is a dynamic load characteristics.Nugget disturbance load capacity than the ability to load in Hangzhou Park.Ultimate compression strength. . (Static load) hinder side.And now the plants normally have owned sail.The Kang impact limit child population (dynamic load] now plants often have no information, according to.Practice.Given information on the ultimate compression strength of the mouth.As the basis for calculating, with pseudo-To convert jaw crusher ‘.In addition.And other traditional theoretical study of the mouth of mine ‘kind.As a representative from the ball charge ‘Bu out a ball mill ball.The same time, the ball falling block machine speed is the same, we can not consider the ball mill interaction between the steel balls, the above assumptions are reasonable.Can be deduced through the test of practice theory and semi-theoretical formula is realistic and be proved.


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