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The Belgian Couverture Chocolate Manufacturer

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With high cocoa butter content, Callebaut is a famous Belgian couverture chocolate manufacturer.
It is used by gourmet and culinary professionals for its workability and typical taste that is said to have remained constant over the decades.

The company manufactures its core chocolate range in Belgium from Original Beans according to traditional recipes. Since the period of over 100 years, it has been applying the whole-bean roasting technique that allows the preservation of all the flavours and aromatic oils within the cocoa husk. Later it fully releases them in the chocolate. Nowadays, the technique has become common among artisan and small-batch chocolate makers. But it is this particular company who has taken the initiative of preserving this original roasting method.


The pages of history reveal that OctaafCallebaut established ‘ChocolaterieCallebaut’ in the year 1911 in the small Belgian village of Wieze. The chocolate recipes that were produced by Octaafenjoyed a special position in the market in no time. One very popular of them is the Callebaut Milk Chocolate Very soon in 1930, ‘ChocolaterieCallebaut’ PLC was established. It was then that their perspective towards the business changed and made them more professional in the market. They then took to concentrate on supplying and servicing chocolatiers, confectioners and bakeries.


In 1945, Marie, the daughter of the founder took over the company after the death of her father, Octaaf, along with his nephew Charles took over the company. After the Second World War, the production of couverture chocolate became the company’s core business.

Marking the beginning of the company’s global exploration it entered into new markets by the year by 1965 across Europe and overseas and since then they have spread their business across the globe.

The introduction of small drop-shaped chocolate pieces called Celestin the year 1988, helped in optimizing the workability of chocolates. A College in the name of the company was established in the same year in Belgium. This was the first of the current 13 Callebaut Chocolate Academies, located all over the world. It imparted skill based education to artisans and professionals who wanted to improve their working skills in the field of chocolate.

The year 1996 marked the merging of the company with French chocolate maker, Cacao Barry. Together they formed the Barry Callebaut group. Both these chocolate brands still remain existent separately under the umbrella. The year 2002 saw the formation of Callebaut Ambassador Club. The formation was intended towards the development of new products, packaging, recipes and professional training events. At present, the club has a membership of at least 55 members worldwide. All of these members arerenowned chefs, and confectioners who have an international reputation.

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