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The Benefits Of A Vinyl Patio Cover

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Adding a patio cover to one’s backyard brings with it a number of benefits. This is especially true of those patio covers made of vinyl. In addition to getting the benefits that a patio cover brings regardless of the material it’s made from, vinyl patio covers bring a whole lot more to the table. While wood patio covers require a great deal of maintenance in order to keep them from rotting, aging and of course termites, a homeowner will need to spend plenty of money and time working on them. Vinyl patio covers on the other hand are a virtually maintenance free item that can both protect and liven up a back or front yard patio. Some homeowners continue to select wood patio covers only because of the unfair stigma that vinyl patio covers seem to be stuck with. In truth, vinyl patio covers , especially those in the mid-to high price ranges, look and in some cases feel just like wood making them virtually indistinguishable from one another. Moreover where appearance is concerned vinyl fences do not split, crack, warp and they retain their original appearance many years after they are installed. The bottom line is that the human eye cannot tell a new vinyl patio cover from a wooden one. Move forward just a couple of years however and the difference will be noticeable immediately.


While all types of patio covers offer a wide variety of styles, the durability and flexibility of those made of vinyl means that there are even more styles to choose from when homeowners select vinyl for their next patio cover. Vinyl patio covers are available in both lattice in full shade styles and can also be fitted with raceways for electrical wiring, allowing lights to be installed on these patio covers.


When it comes to durability no other type of patio cover offers homeowners the benefits that vinyl does. Many homeowners are surprised when they learn that vinyl patio covers meet all city building codes and that they can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 miles an hour or more. Moreover almost all vinyl patio covers come with lifetime warranties that guard against fading, chipping, peeling, and of course discolorization. Even better, vinyl patio covers are so durable and resistant to rot that they need only mild cleaning with the occasional soap and water.


In years past it’s not hard to see or imagine why vinyl products were often avoided by homeowners. In years and decades past vinyl products for homes looked like plastic and were far less durable than they are now. Thanks to new technologies however vinyl products including patio covers are now virtually indistinguishable from there wood and even aluminum brethren. This means that homeowners can be confident in their purchase of vinyl patio covers and any other type of vinyl product for the home.


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  • Posted On April 24, 2012
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