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The benefits of learning Arabic language

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Arabic language belongs to the Semitic family of languages and is the native language of 220 million people in current world. Arabic language is ranked six by means of the number of people speaking Arabic. It is used in many countries either as a mother tongue or as a second or official language. Being the language of Quran, the holy book of Islam it is associated with every Muslim. Countries in the middleeast such as Iran, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritania, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, the Yemen Arab Republic etc.are some of the territories where Arabic is used. The countries listed here are characterized with one common fact, that is oil production. This one fact makes these countries as well as their language the Arabic important to US economy. The ongoing political instability and US associativity in such issues has increased the importance of bilingual people knowing Arabic in USA and other Western countries.
Countries that export oil has a healthy economy. With a massive rate of population growth in the middle east, it is a market place with endless opportunities. So, to conduct business effectively, one needs a good command over Arabic language. With recent wars in these countries, the US army finds it hard to communicate with the native people as the number of agents knowing Arabic is not sufficient at all.Often a translator is hiredwith high wages. Again, these countries possessome of the world’s exciting tourist spots.Knowledge of Arabic is a handy tool for being a tourist guide. For these reasons, the US government has supported the learningof Arabic language by numerous scholarships and financial incentives.
Westerners are presented with a wrong view to the Arabic speaking people by means of the Hollywood films, news media and other sources. The recent political instability and unwanted affairs are strengtheningthis view. People knowing Arabic can make a difference here by changing the view. They can make people understand about the Arabic culture and help avoiding interculturalconflict to establish a better business environment. 
Apart from that, being bilingual is beneficial tothe human brain. Learning a language at middle age improves our cognitive functionality. It decreases the possibility of Alzheimer’s disease. Learning a second language increases our multitasking ability. Experiments and statistics showthat a bilingual or multilingualisbetter fitted in diverse populations than monolinguals. In case of Arabic, a few more are to be listed. Arabic language uses distinct types of small dots to modify the pronunciation of the same letter. This requires the use of our brain which deals with details. Thus it increases our analysis skill.
So with all these reasonable facts, lets add Arabic language to our knowledge and start learning Arabic.


It is considered as a worthy investing if you’re looking ahead to, as it assists you to stay in tune with the  highly cultural heritage of the nation.


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