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The Benefits Of Printer Network Monitors

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Individually and collectively we are all more concerned about the impact of our actions on the environment than ever before. This is true of businesses as well and one simple area where they can now have a dramatic impact on their waste and environmental impact is through the use of a printer activity monitor across the entire network.


In a small business or organization it is difficult to monitor the usage of printers and it only becomes more difficult the larger the business. However, the introduction of software which could monitor the activity of printers across the whole network changed all that and now allows the administrators of the network to have control over the printing across the organization as well. This means they can monitor where there may be problems with excessive waste, if a printer isn’t printing efficiently and also manage the overall print costs to the business.


Having accurate statistics of your printing usage allows you to instantly be able to make a decision on how long it would take for a new and more efficient printer to pay you back in reduced costs. It allows you to see where the most wastage is occurring and to control this wastage in the future. They say that knowledge gives you power and a top of the range network print monitor will give you all the power you need to make effective business decisions.


It can be difficult sometimes to get businesses to buy into the need to help reduce waste and their environmental impact. The best way to get them on board is to make it too expensive for them to not jump on the train. Those businesses which continue to use their old software will be left behind in terms of productivity, cost savings, and also their green credentials which are becoming an essential part of the marketing mix within a wide range of business areas today.


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  • Posted On August 7, 2012
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