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The benefits that you will get when you get the SP1000

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If you want to begin to enjoy the electric bill savings for yourself or if you want to help others do so. Then you can begin to look for the latest of the MHT company products such as the SP1000 to begin to enjoy the electricity bill savings. There are many benefits that you can enjoy when you have installed such system such as the reduced demand charges, the increased load carrying abilities and the reduced power system loses. You will also be able to help in reducing the carbon footprint and you can therefore save the environment.


When the electricity utility company charges, you will be charged in the KW meter or in the kvar. The system will help you in reducing the power factor and you will be able to enjoy the reduced demand charges. The system increases the carrying capacity of the existing circuits. When the current flow has resulted into the improved power factor, then the circuit will be able to carry new loads which save in the cost that it is required for upgrading the distribution network in case there is a need for new equipments or any additional machinery.


When you use the system you will have an improved voltage. As the line current is increasing, then the voltage in the conductor will drop.  


Besides of being able to save on electricity, there are also other benefits of using the system such as the reduced carbon footprint. Since the SP1000 helps in reducing the power system demand charge because of correction of power factor and it puts also less strain on electricity grid, this will reduce the carbon footprint. The system can help in reducing tons of the carbon released in the environment. The system is able to reduce the harmonics, therefore producing a cleaner power.  


The reduced electric bill can also lie in the way that the system reduces the negative energy. When there is negative energy in the system, the power travels back in the closest impedance point which is normally the transformer or the pole. This double transmission increases the cost of electricity. The SP1000 is capable of identifying the imbalances in the panel power distribution. The transformer that supplies the power can run smoothly when the power is more balanced. So if there is no imbalance in the energy transmission, then the charges will also be less. You will also find out that there is power optimization when using this system. This is normally done when the electricity is too expensive or when it is cheaper. The SPIDER program which comes with the system, it can be accessed remotely by the use of the internet to monitor the maintenance cost.


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  • Posted On July 30, 2012
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