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The Best Headphone To Listen To The Saliva Song

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The headphone family the best classification of consciousness, then clearly they need what kind. Almost no one would listen to a singer or even a song, so some people over and over again Eason over and over again Jay said, I listen Miscellaneous; and of people in addition to Hong Kong and Taiwan popular Chinese music to listen to Europe and the United States by cheap dr dre beats also pursued folk metal and symphonic and then their own hybrid; more people listen to many different styles of extreme or unpopular genre, he also said that he miscellaneous. The problem is, you just told me that complicated, and you kind of hybrid method? And did not say what heard more nonsense, has not heard to say he heard the people to understand A detailed breakdown of the World Music, to know just rock and roll there are 158 kinds of classification.


Popular but the concept is too broad and contains too many elements; then I can only be understood as the saliva song. In fact, the vast majority of Walkman devices are suitable to listen to the saliva song, and specific to an individual song, a certain style, then there is a deviation. This classical problem is even more complicated: symphonic, indoor, solo small preparation, preparation … can these portable devices, inclusion and economic … basic it is hard to find.


Or cited mainly listen to the genre or performer / singer, or you are not efficient meaningful help. This is today add to the mix, think, or is necessary to mention. Because different types of front-end related to the thrust, the sound characteristics, scope, and even some front-end voice and some cheap beats by dre headphones is obviously not in tune, a natural enemy combinations. Reference to the situation encountered in the budget, please do not vague general MP3 makeshift sound card such statements. Try to say that the model is better.


Portable amp to talk about the last way, the amp – here refers to the main players amp, because a lot of people should buy this thing, buy how to use do not understand has been. Existing headphones or a headset to be bought more difficult to push the thrust of the current player is not sufficient to take full advantage of the standards. (This is the most important prerequisite, if your headset is designed for the player style, then buy the amp is purely fed stays; existing player LINE OUT function. Premise is what? Is money such as Moujun IPOD NANO (with LINE OUT) MX90 earbuds a (relatively hard to push), and he would like to join 1000 the price of the amp at first glance there is no problem, but added the amp MX90 can not be achieved thousand-level effects, this one thousand might as well buy earplugs will increase became evident that many.


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  • Posted On July 1, 2012
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