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The Best Pubs In Stratford

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Stratford is gearing up to play host to the world, as the countdown to the Olympic games draws ever closer. This corner of east London has gone through an almighty transformation over the last six years. However, in the face of staggering change and redevelopment, the borough of Newham has managed to cling on to a few of the cherished cultural elements. In this, the latest of an almighty wave of gentrification, the east London pub has stubbornly clung on. For those of you on a <a href=””>short term rental in London</a> and in particular the east end can be a daunting prospect to navigate your way around. Here’s a brief overview of some of our favourite Stratford boozers to decamp to for a pint or two after a day of noble Olympic pursuit.

Kind Edward IV
This charming little pub, sunk into the floor of the high street has already weathered over two-hundred years of development and the small matter of the Olympic games were never likely going to change that. A fantastic timber interior, King Eddie’s, as it’s known by the locals is just about as cosy as a pub can get. Dim lighting, a roaring fire, sunken leather sofas and secluded little booths make for countless intimate little corners to hide away in with a soothing pint and a good book.

The Theatre Bar
Opened in 2001, following the refurbishment of Stratford’s Theatre Royal, the Theatre Bar is a dedicated free entertainment venue. With a different act on every night, ranging from stand-up comedy to live music, the Theatre Bar certainly works hard to cultivate it’s band of loyal patrons. The clientèle come from every walk of life, and a kitchen which serves possibly the finest Jerk chicken anywhere in east London certainly doesn’t hurt the bar’s credentials either.

The Black Bull
For an insight into the character of the old Stratford, The Black Bull has to be a must for any social historians among you on short term <a href=””>holiday rentals London</a>. Walking through the door, you’ll get an instant flavour of what this part of London was before the billions of pounds worth of re-generation was pumped into it. For a real treat try and time your visit to coincide with a West Ham United match for the full gamut of the cockney vernacular.


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