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The Best Ways To Appreciate Scuba Diving For Entertainment And Adventure

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The worldwide phenomena known as scuba diving has been entertaining millions of people for decades. Many people enjoy this sport for decades, usually because it is easy to learn and can be done in many waters. Beginners learn to dive each year at local community centers and certified dive shops. Learning from books is not enough: that is why certified instructors are there to help you. While you are getting your scuba lessons, you can learn from other divers who have been doing this for years in order to hone your skills. Of course there are advanced courses available including dive master certification if you want to go all the way. The essence of this article is to present tips that can help you with your diving, as well as how to stay safe every time you are in the water.

One of the most important things that you must pay attention to before you dive is what is called a dive briefing. This report is essential prior to any dive no matter how many times you have been scuba diving in that area. The dive master will always have information that you must listen to. This report by the dive master will include how deep the dive will be, and exactly where youre going and what you will be doing. Complacency and thinking you know it all is one of the prime recipes for possible disaster. It could be as simple as something at the location having changed, which would potentially lead to a dangerous situation.

Here is a great tip to help you be neutrally buoyant when you do your fifteen foot safety stop. Equipped with only an air tank that has almost no air in it, you will be able to test your buoyancy at the surface of the water. But if that is not possible, then go for slightly negative buoyancy at the surface with a tank that is full, half-full lungs and zero air in your BC or buoyancy compensator.

When preparing for a dive, make sure you do not have too much weight which could definitely affect your buoyancy. You can do just fine with a couple of pounds, 1 to 2, of weight. Regardless of what you do, experiment on your own with guided help to get the results that are best for you.

Many divers will agree that a night dive is a wonderful experience, though it can be very frightening the first time that you do it. There are a number of helpful tips to keep in mind during a night dive. With night diving in particular, it is usually recommended that you only go to an area that you know very well. Diving in locations such as these can give you a visual treat since you are perceiving familiar locations in a completely different manner. As with your first dive ever, your night dive will also have an unique feeling. Plus it is common to experience a bit of nervous excitement because it looks like, and is, a whole new unknown to you.

You should also never allow yourself to become so self assured or complacent with your abilities that you become unsafe. After you have been diving for some years, it can be easy to just know or think you know, that something is all right. Needless to say, there are risks with becoming a bit lax. You can check something a thousand times and it is fine, but the next time you use it could be a failure or significant problem.

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