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The body of a rasp can come in a variety of shapes

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A typical rasp has four main parts: the tip, the body, the tang, and the handle. The tip of a rasp is pointed, flaring out to meet the body, which is the section of the rasp with the teeth. At the bottom of the body, a flat section known as the tang meets the handle. Some rasps have a handle on either end to make fine control of the rasp easier. Stainless steel is a common construction material for rasps, since it holds an edge reasonably well and it will resist corrosion.

The body of a rasp can come in a variety of shapes. Some rasps, for example, are entirely round, while others are formed in demi-circles, and some are flat. These different shapes can be applied to different projects; a half-round rasp, for example, is good for making gentle sloping curves in a woodworking project. It is also possible to find more unusual rasp shapes, like triangles, which are designed for very specific projects.

Rasps also have different grains, ranging from very coarse to more fine. Many woodworkers keep several rasps to ensure that they will have the right tool for the job ready to hand. Some companies also make rasp kits which include a selection of rasps; sometimes purchasing a kit is more cost-effective than purchasing individual rasps.

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