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The Charity Donation Reduces Your Income Tax

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Every responsible citizen pays income tax. If you want to contribute something substantial into the development of your nation then paying income tax regularly is the best way. Because, money acquired in taxation is used for the reformation of country’s infrastructure including roads, hospitals, schools, etc.


Still, somewhere we hesitate to pay more money in taxation, and hence try our best to reduce the amount of tax. Even, accountants have various strategies for tax reduction. Among the various methods of tax reduction, charity donation is considered as the best one. Because, it is adventitious for both the parties, donor as well as receiver.


To find an organization that is truly in need of donations, one can take help of a broker or a brokerages firm. Sometimes, it is difficult for us to find the brokerage firms. However, if we go for internet search, we can easily find the best online brokerages or online stock brokers in our nearby places.


There are various types of charities such as educational, religious, political, etc., which are always ready to accept donations. But, if you want to reduce the tax then, you should donate stock to non-profit organizations only. Moreover, every legal process consists of certain paper work. Hence, first finding the right non-profit and then, doing lots of complicated paper work really frustrates both the parties involved in the process. On the other hand, if you go for online charity donations with the help of broker then, process really simplifies and saves lots of time as well.


Today, you can even find websites, which help in stock donation process along with various listed brokers. If an individual’s broker is not listed on the site, he/she can even mention the broker on the site. For this, the user just has to be the registered member of the website. The registration process simply asks name, DOB, email address, brokerages firm, account number, etc. Once, this is done, your stocks are donated to the non-profit organizations that accept online donation. Sometimes, the donors are also offered his/her first donation without charging any fees.


Stock donations made fast, simple and secure donation procedure through all such websites. Additionally, here you can also view the record of your each and every donation. Once, non-profit receives donation, the donor gets receipt for it, which is essential while claiming tax deductions. Thus, register yourself and curtail the amount of your tax through stock donations.


Stock Donator, Inc, is a reputed organization of California which provides stock donation and acceptance service to donor and non-profits. The user just needs to register them. The registration process is simple. For more details visit:


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  • Posted On August 5, 2012
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