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The Concept of Environmental Protection Brought by the Heavy Industry

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Everybody is familiar to the environmental protection, even the kids in the kind-garden also know that people should protect earth mama; environment is just like the air that people breath, even though its importance cannot be felt by the people who cannot live without its existing.

There are so many persons who always feel that the environmental protection and economic development are one couple of contradictory problems, to protect the environment must limit the economic development and to develop the economy must destroy the environment, so which one is much heavier and which one is a little lighter is one difficult problem, the prosperity of one country cannot do without the prosperity of the economy, and the existing of the human being cannot leave the comfortable environment, which is much more important from the angel of the basic and primary living condition; but we should develop economy and protect environment at the same time just because we will be dumped by the society without the backbone and supporting of the strong economic capacity.

The development of heave industry is the backbone of the economic capacity, but it also causes much more damage on the environment, so to solve the environmental problems brought by the heavy industry is the most important thing at this right minute. Mining machinery development is one direct branch of heavy industry; to strength the environmental protection in the process of mining developing and researching and to choose one sustainable way are the key procedures which solve the environmental problems created by the heavy industry. We should adhere to those principles of “controlling the pollution, soil destroyed and the losses of water and land caused by the mine developing, to decrease the environmental cost, who develops and who protects, who pollutes and who manages.”The environmental protection on the mining development is the main content , realizing the coordination between mining development and environmental protection , and realizing the coordination between comprehensive management and sustainable development are the key words.

To make the policy of environmental protection is very important; the theory of environmental protection can be realized by choosing the environmental equipments, the high efficiency energy-saving equipments not only can satisfy the needs of the producing, but also can reach the purpose of environmental protection. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery is one company manufacturing the environmental protection equipments, which locates in High & New Technology Industries Development Zone of Zhengzhou city, welcome you to our company inspecting and choosing the most suitable equipment for you.

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